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Even the most confident of us can be attacked by first date nerves. Those of us who are naturally anxious can certainly feel anxiety soar before a first date. As with anything it is important to not let the anxiety control you, to give yourself the best chance of a happy outcome. When you have first date nerves try these:

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Be Positive

Be Positive One of the best ways to calm first date anxiety is stay positive beforehand. Rather than beat yourself up and imagine all of the things that could go wrong, do the exact opposite and imagine all of the great stuff that could happen. It will give you much more self belief and confidence going in.


Embrace the Nerves

Embrace the Nerves Being nervous about something means that you really care about the outcome, so embrace the nerves and let your date know that you are really eager to have a great time and that you want it to work out. Your date will appreciate that you care enough to be anxious about it and you’ll be able to relax once you get going.


Turn It in to Excitement

Turn It in to Excitement Sure, venturing in to the unknown can be a really nerve wracking experience, but think about it this way, you could be going in to a date where you could finally be meeting your soul mate. Instead of feeling nervous, thinking about the date in this fashion can lead to more of a feeling of excitement as opposed to anxiety.


Work out Beforehand

Work out Beforehand We all know by know that working out releases endorphins in to the body that can cause an almost euphoric chemical reaction. By working out before your date, you will be able to still feel these mood-boosting endorphins throughout the evening and they will help you to get over some of the pre-date nerves that you might have had otherwise.


One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time To alleviate some of the nerves, remind yourself that this is just one singular date that will last for a couple of hours. Nothing about this single date will determine the rest of your romantic life. Lower the stakes in your own mind and the task of going out with this person might become a little less daunting when you realize your entire future isn’t on the line.


Plan Some Conversation Topics

Plan Some Conversation Topics One of the key date elements that can cause anxiety and nerves is the thought of running out of conversation and having awkward silences. To avoid this, simply have a think beforehand about what kinds of things you want to talk about with your date. Try not to sound too rehearsed though; you want it to be fun, not feel like a job interview!


Give Yourself a Reality Check

Give Yourself a Reality Check Sit down and remind yourself that you will not be the only person that is nervous. The situation will also be brand new for your date and the likelihood is that they will be sitting at home just as nervous about the evening as you are!


Give Yourself a Team Talk

Give Yourself a Team Talk Before you leave, stand in front of the mirror and repeat a few positive mantras to yourself about how you deserve to have a little fun and that you shouldn’t worry about messing up, because you simply won’t let yourself! Self-discipline and positivity can be a very powerful thing.


Talk It out with Friends

Talk It out with Friends Let your friends be your own personal therapists and talk it out with them before you leave for the date. They might be able to give you some calming advice and tips to make it as smooth an experience as possible. After all, they know you better than anyone and will able to help you the most!

Take a deep breath and relax. You deserve to have a good time on a date.

Have your nerves led to any funny or unforgettable dates?

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