How to Read Flirting Signals from Men and Women ...

By Holly

How to Read Flirting Signals from Men and Women ...

Have you ever had trouble deciphering whether or not a man's actions meant he liked you? If you have, then you need to watch the skit down below. It'll show you a conversation between a man and a woman who have no idea how to read flirting signals.

Even though the start of the video is all about the things a woman does when she is and isn't interested, you can skip ahead to 2:00 minutes in if you want to hear about the confusing things that guys do.

Are you terrible at reading flirting signals or do you usually know when a man is interested?

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It would really help if there was a subtitles option as I am deaf and don't even have a clue what is said in the video

I'm terrible at flirting 💃🏻

Looks like i'm gonna be single forever 😅

@lisa I agree, I am not deaf but it is hard for me is difficult for me to hear sometimes I think a subtitles option would be an amazing idea!

That was sooooo funny hehehe

I just cant flirt

Enough videos

I can't seem to do it