How to Guide πŸ“— for Letting Your Man Know πŸ’¬ He's Your "Person" 🀞🏼 ...

Firstly, forgive that heteronormative title – not my idea, y'all. Love knows no gender, after all, whether it's platonic, romantic, or somewhere in between. Someone can be your person if they're your lover, your spouse, or your best friend. It can be a man, a woman, someone anywhere on the binary because regardless, the thing is that you love your person deeply, wholly, and without reservation. So, no matter who your person is, whether it's a girl, a guy, or someone somewhere in the middle, here's how you let that lucky, lovely somebody know how you feel.

1. Lean on Her or Him

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Letting your person know you rely on her/him is the surest way to reveal how you feel. Leaning on someone takes so much trust.

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