These 17 Things Don't 🚫 Actually Make You a Bad Girlfriend 👫 ...


Chances are that you're an amazing girlfriend, so don't sell yourself short. The things you think you're doing wrong are just normal habits. So don't worry, because these things don't actually make you a bad girlfriend:

1. Looking at Other Men

Looking at Other Men

You're in a relationship, but you're not dead. That means you're going to notice attractive men. As long as you don't act on your lust, it's A-okay.

Wanting Attention


His brother was working his dad took the car that he uses extra for his work
And they have a 4th car
He asked his parents to get the SUV for our 1 year anniversary and they didn't allow it his dad did but his mom didn't
His brother has one car
His mom always drives with the Mercedes SUV and his dad with a car extra for his work
And when we had our first year anniversary it was the most disrespectful thing that they did to me
To come and meet me just because they didn't want to
Yesterday I had such an argument with my boyfriend over his parents.. I've never said something bad about than I always treated them extra nice because for me that important to have respect for his parents. So they did stuff like not allowing him
It's the 21st century, every independent person should know how to cook.
Is it me or that girl is kinda creepy in the photo
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