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17 Rules of Kissing You Should Always Live by ...

By Holly

It doesn't matter if you consider yourself an expert kisser or if you're new to the game. Either way, you still have more to learn. To help you out, here are a few kissing rules you should always abide by:

1 Get Consent

Get Consent Sex isn't the only activity you need consent for. You shouldn't kiss a boy unless he's willing to kiss you.

2 Don’t Go for Tongue Right Away

Don’t Go for Tongue Right Away You don't want to stick your tongue into his throat as soon as you lock lips. Start off with a few small pecks and work your way up.

3 Keep Your Eyes Closed

Keep Your Eyes Closed It's just plain creepy to keep your eyes open while kissing. You don't want to freak him out.

4 Don’t Eat Garlic Beforehand

Don’t Eat Garlic Beforehand If you know you're going to be kissing him soon, you shouldn't eat anything that'll give you bad breath. It's common courtesy.

5 Tilt Your Head to the Side

Tilt Your Head to the Side You don't want to bump noses. In order to stop that from happening, you need to tilt your head to the side as you go in for the kiss.

6 Have Good Hygiene

Have Good Hygiene Make sure you brush your teeth every single day, multiple times a day. Keep that mouth fresh.

7 Don’t Put Your Hands in Inappropriate Spots

Don’t Put Your Hands in Inappropriate Spots Only touch him below the belt if he's okay with the idea. Otherwise, keep your hands on his face and chest.

8 Wear Chapstick

Wear Chapstick You want your lips to be soft and smooth for him. That's why you need to apply Chapstick before the kissing starts.

9 Don’t Freak out

Don’t Freak out You should be relaxed while you kiss. If you're too nervous, no one is going to enjoy the occasion.

10 No PDA

No PDA It's inappropriate to make-out with a boy in front of strangers (or in front of your friends and family, for that matter). No one wants to see your tongues poking around.

11 Breathe through Your Nose

Breathe through Your Nose If you don't breathe through your nose, it'll be hard to kiss for more than a few seconds. That's why you have to remember to stop breathing through your mouth.

12 Kiss during Sex

Kiss during Sex Don't forget to kiss during sex. It'll make the activity feel more intimate.

13 Don’t Kiss Someone else’s Boyfriend

human action, black and white, black, person, monochrome photography, This one is common sense. If he's already dating someone, don't kiss him. It's not fair to his girlfriend.

14 Don’t Kiss with a Cold Sore

Don’t Kiss with a Cold Sore Did you know that cold sores are actually a form of Herpes? If you have one, you can spread it to your partner by kissing.

15 Pause to Let Him Breathe

Pause to Let Him Breathe Even if you're mainly breathing through your nose, you might need a second. That's why you should pull apart every once in a while.

16 Don’t Kiss While Drunk

Don’t Kiss While Drunk You don't want to wake up in the morning, regretting what you did the night before. That's why you should avoid kissing new people when you're wasted.

17 Let Him Know What It Means

Let Him Know What It Means If you kiss someone, do them a favor by letting them know what it means. Do you want a relationship or were you just looking for a little fun? Clear things up for him.

You don't want to break any of these rules and make your date feel uncomfortable. Do the smart thing and stick to them. What other kissing rules can you think of that more men and women should remember to follow?

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