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7 Things Every Girl Should Learn about Herself before Falling in Love ...

By Alison

It's spring! It's not just young men that get romantic in spring - we girls do as well. But hold on, girls - before you start looking for a partner, there are things you need to learn about yourself first. Knowing yourself well means that there's a greater chance of your new relationship going the distance. So if you want your next relationship to last, here are the things you should learn about yourself before falling in love …

1 What Matters to You

It pays to keep a cool head and take a good look at yourself. It isn't enough just to fall in love with someone; if you want your relationship to last beyond the initial heady stage, you must choose someone who shares your values. What matters to you in life and in a relationship? Know these things, and you'll avoid falling for someone who is not what you're looking for.

2 How to Be Independent

You really should learn to be independent. We don't need men to run our lives. If you can't take care of yourself, how would you manage if you found yourself suddenly single? As well as finding a partner, you need to be a partner - and that means not depending on someone to organise your life for you.


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3 How to Have Fun

Also learn how to have fun and enjoy life. Not only will someone with a zest for life find it easier to attract love, but you'll also enjoy your time as a single more. You'll already know how to enjoy your life when you do meet someone.

4 That You Don't Need Someone

Having an 'other half' is a cute idea, but doesn't that imply that you're only one half of a person yourself? I really believe that a relationship should be a bonus in an already happy life, not essential to make you happy. If you need someone to make you happy, you're not only placing a burden of responsibility on them, but showing that you're not a complete person.

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5 How to Be Yourself

We've all done it - tried to be the person we think that someone wants us to be. But do you want to be loved for who you are, or change yourself to fit someone else's ideals? Learn how to be yourself; the best relationships are those in which we are with someone who loves us, flaws and all, and understands the type of person we are.

6 What You Have to Offer

Being in a relationship isn't just about finding the right person for us. We also need to have something to offer them. It's not just a one-way street. Are you really in the right place for a relationship at the moment, or would you benefit from some time alone first?

7 Where You've Gone Wrong before

Also consider where you've gone wrong in past relationships. Remember that the common factor is you, so it's no good blaming your exes all the time when you could have made better decisions. Learn from past mistakes so that you don't go on repeating the same pattern.

We don't focus nearly enough on getting to know ourselves. But if you learn about yourself before you get to know anyone else, you'll have a happier, more successful relationship. What do you most like about yourself and your character?

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