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11 Things Guys Hate about Girls ...

By Jennifer

Things guys hate about girls — if we knew them, we’d stop them, right? But after polling my guy friends (not the most scientific, but still a good idea), I discovered I already knew how harmful these things all were. Here, ladies, is a list of the top 11 things guys hate about girls!

1 Cattiness

If a good-looking guy walks into a bar, none of the men at the bar will say “bitch,” under their breath, so they don’t understand why we women do this to each other. We’re catty and mean, especially about the appearance of other women.

2 Unnecessary Emotions/emotional Warfare

My youngest brother says one of the things guys hate about girls most is the fact that everything, EVERYTHING makes us cry. Sometimes, he suspects, we use or tears as weapons in relationship warfare. Other times, he wonders why we’re crying — I admit it. Everything, including some TV commercials, makes me cry.


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3 Our Beauty Routines

Most men’s morning and bedtime routines consist of a shower, shave, and tooth-brushing. Look in their medicine cabinets, and you’ll see a few basic tools and maybe a stick of deodorant. So why, they wonder, do we women have such detailed and lengthy beauty routines? And how exactly do eyelash curlers work?

4 Our Weird Diet Habits

My friend Aaron says he hates going on dinner dates with women that don’t eat. He’ll sit there at the table, and watch in horror, as his date picks at her salad (without dressing or croutons of course), then picks at her main course (baked fish with plain vegetables), and washes it all down with a glass of water (with lemon). It makes him feel horrible eating his steak or burger, while she looks longingly at his real meal.

5 Our “number”

There are two things we women are allowed to lie about, our age and the number of guys we’ve slept with. This is one of the things guys hate about girl for sure! But ladies, don’t give in. No matter how irritated your guy is with our made-up number, he’ll be even more unhappy about the REAL number, so don’t tell him!

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6 The PMS Excuse

There are few things in this world guys hate about girls than how we sometimes use PMS as an excuse. Granted, they have no idea how horrible real PMS can be, or how unbearable it can be for some women in particular. But when it’s not legitimate, we really shouldn’t use it as an excuse for being nasty. Ever.

7 Our Frenemies

I myself don’t understand why we women have frenemies, but guys hate this! They just don’t understand why we keep friends around that seem to always bring us down, hurt our feelings, or spread vicious rumors about us… and they’re right! We shouldn’t keep frenemies around!

8 Our Body Image Issues

I hate my skin. I wish my hair was longer, softer, shinier. I loathe my thighs. But my boyfriends have never noticed any of these, and generally hates that I even care about this stuff. This is one of the things guys hate about girls because they just don’t understand it. They’re allowed to basically consider their bodies as transportation for their intellects. So they don’t understand that, after years of media conditioning and peer pressure, we consider our bodies as a visual representation of all we are.

9 How Long We Take to Get Ready

This one goes hand in hand with #3 (our beauty routines). Not only do we spend an hour dealing with skincare/haircare, we spend just as long picking out an outfit. Sometimes, we actually manage to get ready in a decent amount of time.... until we decide that we need to change our outfit again and again and again! Guys have it WAY easier than us but sometimes that just slips their minds.

10 When We're Jealous

Feeling jealous (with legitimate reason) isn't bad. However, becoming green with envy whenever your guy greets another female is probably not one your most-lovable traits. Guys hate when we don't trust them enough to be able to speak to women without flirting with them.

11 When We're Feeling Needy

Sure, guys love taking care of their women. There is a line, though! Guys hate when girls are TOO dependent on them. So, don't ask your man to do all the easy things that you can do!

See? We already knew most of these things guys hate about girls, didn’t we? And to be honest, these are probably a lot of the same things we don’t like about ourselves anyway, so let’s make pinkie promise to try and do better, at least on some of these. Okay? Marvelous! Or… were any of these a shocker? Or, if you’re a guy, would you like to add anything to my list?

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