13 Things Men Say That Women Completely Hate ...


13 Things Men Say That Women Completely Hate ...
13 Things Men Say That Women Completely Hate ...

Call it honesty if you'd like, but there are conversations filled with things men say that women hate. It’s a case of freedom of speech gone wild! As a matter of fact, as I write this, I continue to come up with more ways our male counterparts put their crusty feet in their mouths. For now though, here are the seven things men say that women hate.

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Random Smile Requests

What has to be the worst of the things men say that women hate is that we hate to smile. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, but more often than not I am asked to share a grin while minding my own business. I should be able to walk into the drugstore (of course, to get some time-of-the-month products!) without having a total stranger request that I smile. What is it that I'm supposed to be smiling at anyway?!


Dissin’ Your Job

Perhaps you're not exactly using your college degree. This doesn't give a man the right to pat you on the head and brush off your moneymaker as "just a job." In today’s economy he should be glad you’re employed, period! If it's an honest living, work your heart out.


When He Describes Another Woman

There is nothing wrong with giving harmless compliments. We girls are guilty of looking twice at a hottie, right? However, even the most confident woman doesn't want to hear her man go on and on about how big someone's butt is. Oh my God, Becky!


It's Complicated

Seriously, girls, any man over the age of 18 knows what he wants, or doesn't want, in a relationship. It’s time for him to define the status! He knows what he likes in a car and in a sneaker; his choice in a woman is no different. Either he's all in or he's not, so don't accept things as merely "complicated."


His Take on plus-sized Women

Just because I'm a size eight doesn't give me the right to make fun of voluptuous women. Same holds true for the men. Yet, I have been on several short-lived dates where I've the line "I don't like fat chicks!" managed to fall out of the mouths of idiots. Tell me I’m not alone here!


The Infamous Cat Calls

In what is borderline sexual harassment, a cat call gets on my last nerve! What is a cat call, you ask? By all means, take your pick: hey baby; yo, baby; baby girl. Clearly, some men have a deep-seated issue with parenting, or the lack thereof. Cat calls are annoying, demeaning, and ridiculous!


Catcalling is a form of street harassment, which is defined as “unwanted comments, gestures, and actions forced on a stranger in a public place without their consent and is directed at them because of their actual or perceived sex, gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation”. It is a form of sexual harassment and can be extremely uncomfortable, intimidating and even frightening for the recipient.

Catcalls are often directed at women, and can range from whistles and shouts of “Hey, baby!” to more explicit comments and gestures. Catcalling can be seen as a form of sexual objectification, as it reduces a woman to her physical appearance and implies that she is available for sexual advances. It is also a violation of a woman’s right to feel safe in public spaces, as it can make her feel threatened and vulnerable.

Unfortunately, catcalling is a common occurrence in many cities and towns. Studies have found that over 85% of women have experienced some form of street harassment, with the majority of it being verbal. Catcalling is not only disrespectful and inappropriate, but it is also illegal in many places.


His Sex Drive

Men like to impress women by boasting about how skilled he is in the bedroom. Somewhere, they were told that talking about what they can do to us is a good idea. Unless there is a video available for download, he shouldn't be bragging about his sex drive. A real man doesn’t have to brag, anyway. However, it makes for an interesting challenge though. Truth or dare, anyone?


Talking about Their Ex

Whether he is comparing or talking trash about her, the fact is you don’t want to hear about his ex. We don’t care if she would always burn everything she cooked, didn’t help pay rent, or wore sleazy outfits. Women want to know how you like their cooking, how you appreciate their help, and how much you love the way their jeans fit. However, we don’t want to hear how much better than your ex we are.


If You Love Me then

This is a big no-no... right, ladies?! How much do you hate it when your guy says, “Well, if you love me then you’ll do this for me?”...not! Yes, we love you, but if you love us you wouldn’t say things like that.


Dissin’ Your Friends

Other than dissin’ our job, men should also know better than to diss our friends, especially one that we’ve known since childhood. Your friend may not be perfect, but she’s always there when you need her. So what if she’s always running late or she loves her wine? As long as she isn’t taking advantage of you, he should respect that she’s always going to be your friend. He doesn’t have to like her, but just be respectful.


You’re Just like Your Mother

Oh no he didn’t! Not only is he dissin’ your mother, but he is also dissin’ you! So, by saying you’re just like your mother, does he not like your mom? Also, if your mom does have her issues, is he saying that you have those issues too? It’s just not a place he really wants to go, so guys, don’t go there!


You Remind Me of My Mother

Other than hearing we’re just like our own mother, we also don’t want to hear that we remind you of your mother! Even if your boyfriend’s or husband’s mother is amazing, we just don’t want to hear it. The relationship men have with their wives shouldn’t be compared to the one he has with his mom.


Are You PMSing?

We’ve all been there and have heard it since our teen years from guys and girls: “Is it that time of the month?” or “Are you PMSing?” Do they really want the answer to that?! Although we’ve heard it from some of our girl friends, it is just worse when we hear it from a guy. Our girls can relate and will actually help us eat a tub of ice cream! However, no guy will ever understand, so they just shouldn’t ask!

So these are a few of the topics, filled with things men say that women hate. It’s about time the fellows know that silence is golden. Here’s a tip for the men reading this: shut the hell up! Ladies, do you have any more to add to this list? What things do men say that make your blood boil?

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Legit make me feel like a dog

Wow you are spot on

#5 makes me insane! I just don't get men...

Jhemz I totally agree w/ you. Thats so personal!

Sometimes you dress up for them.... And they do not notice. Uffff!!

I love it when my boyfriend uses "cat calls." I find it endearing

When they tell you to calm down and you're already calm ughhhhh

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