Things He Hates You Doing According to His Zodiac Sign ...


Things He Hates You Doing According to His Zodiac Sign ...
Things He Hates You Doing According to His Zodiac Sign ...

In an ideal world, we all like to think that we are perfect human beings who don’t have any flaws at all, and are seen as princesses by our men at all times, but you know just as well as I do that that just isn’t true! You know the way that your boyfriend gets on your nerves sometimes? Well, you can rest assured that he feels exactly the same way about you too on occasion! It should would help if you knew what his pet peeve was though, wouldn’t it? Here is the thing he hates you to do according to his zodiac sign.

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He hates it when you involve yourself in a fight or disagreement that didn’t have anything to do with you in the first place.



He hates it when you take something of his without asking first. This can be small stuff like food from his plate to more serious stuff like cash from his wallet. Even if you were planning on paying him back!



He hates it when you tell him to stop when he’s trying to pour his heart out to you. He knows that you aren’t always comfortable with that kind of intimacy, but he has to share how he feels!



He hates it when your sense of humour crosses over into being sarcastic and mean; he has a low tolerance for that kind of banter.


If you're dating a Cancer man, keep in mind that his nurturing nature craves a support system that's both uplifting and kind. Attempt to avoid sharp jabs or criticism disguised as humor, as this can deeply unsettle him. Cancer thrives on positivity and is acutely sensitive to your words and intentions. So, bring forth your wit and charm but leave the biting sarcasm at the door. With his penchant for emotional depth, he'll appreciate humor that's warm and inclusive, strengthening your bond and affirming his trust in you.



It might sound weird, but he kind of hates it when you try to butt in and share any limelight that he might have been awarded! A classic Leo, he needs to be the life and soul of the party.


So, while your intentions may be pure, remember that pride and acknowledgement are at the core of his being. He doesn’t only want to shine; he needs it, like the sun-ruled creature he is. Don't unwittingly eclipse his moment—it's not just about jealousy, it's about respect. Show your support by giving him the cheers and claps, and save your own stories for another time. In return, he’ll adore you for recognizing his need to be celebrated and loved in the spotlight he so covets.



He hates it when you prove him wrong; he is a very proud person who can’t stand being corrected!



He hates it when you lie to him; a Libra can always instinctively tell when someone is not being truthful!



He hates being put in any situation where he needs to make a choice for the relationship. He is happier to let you decide everything.



He hates being forced to do something that he doesn’t want to do, so the trick is to work on him until he actually does want to do it!



He hates any kind of false behaviour; he will be able to tell straight away if you are pretending to be somebody that you are not.


The Capricorn man values authenticity above all. If you're trying to impress him with exaggerated stories or by adopting interests solely to mesh with his, think again. He prefers a partner who's genuine and doesn't put on a show. Inconsistencies in your stories or personality will be a major turn-off. Stick to who you truly are, showcase your real passions, and he will respect you for it. Remember, for this practical earth sign, sincerity is the pathway to his heart.



He hates people trying to change him and mould him in to something that he isn’t. An Aquarius has to follow their own path.



He hates being made to feel embarrassed, so you never want to play a prank on a Pisces!

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