What Your Ex Misses about You According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


What Your Ex Misses about You According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
What Your Ex Misses about You According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

In an ideal world, when we break up with a partner, we move on as quickly as possible and forget all and any impact that they might have had on our lives, but anyone who has an ex or two knows that this is unfortunately not the case! Even though you might not want to be with someone anymore, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you miss about them in an isolated fashion. And, of course, common sense dictates that if there are things you miss about them, then there will definitely be things that they miss about you! Here is what your ex misses the most about you according to your zodiac sign.

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He misses the fact that you were always out there doing cooler stuff than he was, and now that you aren’t an item anymore, he won’t be able to join along!



He misses how secure and comfortable you used to make him feel. The ability to make people feel happy and content is a really unique quality of a Taurus.



After dating you, a classic Gemini, every other girl is going to seem like a total bore! He will miss your wild side and your sense of spontaneity.



He misses the way that you used to love with every fibre of your being. Cancers are one of the most passionate signs out there, and he will soon realise that not every girl loves that deep and that hard!



He will miss your leadership qualities. Dating you was super easy because he was happy for you to make all of the decisions.



He will miss your Virgo-like ability to be able to make the best out of any situation. Being with you, nothing ever felt as bad because you were so good at finding the positives in a negative.



He’ll miss your natural charm the most. The way that you flirted with him made him feel like the king of the world.



He will miss your ability to balance a relationship, bringing the right amounts of fun, love, seriousness, and support. Having you as a girlfriend was like having the best life coach in the world!



The thing he will miss the most is the fact that you made everything feel so easy. You were just as delighted with a night on the couch as you were with an evening at a fancy restaurant.



He misses the fact that you always knew what he wanted without even having to say a word. You were the most intuitive girlfriend he ever had.



He misses the fact that you used to make him a better person when you were with him. You inspired him to be the best version of himself that he could be.



You were the most creative and unique girl he had ever dated. He will always feel like he missed an opportunity with you to have a much more exciting and interesting life.

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