Why You Aren't in a Relationship According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


Why You Aren't in a Relationship According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
Why You Aren't in a Relationship According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Some people are single and happy to be so, but others are single and want to be the exact opposite! Have you recently been finding yourself especially unlucky in love? Has the modern dating pool not been very kind to you? When you are on a bad run like that, it can be really tempting to just give up and accept that you might never find your one true love, but what if you could pinpoint exactly why you are not doing well romantically at the moment? Here is why you aren’t in a relationship according to your zodiac sign.

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Basically you are just too busy! You live such a full and hectic life that right now you just can’t seem to be able to fit in a romance along with everything else.



You have a problem with opening up and really letting your vulnerable side be seen, and that is really something that is essential if you want to make a lasting and loving connection with someone.



You are too interested in having fun and being free right now. You don’t feel the pressure to settle down like other signs do, so being single at the moment doesn’t phase you at all!



You are kind and loving and ready to give to someone, but you also have a tendency to obsess over things and this can be a bit of a turn off in the initial stages of dating.



You have a naturally selfish side that stops you from being able to fully enter in to a relationship. You don’t like the thought of having to compromise with another person for the rest of your life!



You are just too picky! Like a true Virgo, you have super high standards, but this can turn into an issue when those standards get so high that nobody in the world can meet them!



You are super indecisive, which can drive someone you are dating kind of crazy! By the time you have decided that you want to takes things seriously with them, they have moved on to someone else!



You are incredibly sensitive, sensitive to the point where you purposefully don’t enter into relationships because the prospect of love isn’t as strong as the fear of being hurt.



You are just more sexual than romantic, and that is fine! You would prefer to sow your oats and have fun with multiple partners rather than tying yourself down to just one!



You are a workaholic. It might change in the future, but right now you just don’t have any time for extracurricular activities.



You are just too introverted to appear approachable to someone. Hopefully in time you can come out of your shell and find someone who loves you for your sensitivities.



You are still hung up on that last great relationship, the one that got away. Your obsession with the past is the thing that is keeping you from enjoying the present and the future.

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