7 Things Love is Not an Excuse for ...


When people are in love, they tend to pull off some crazy moves, but there are some things love is not an excuse for. You don't want your emotions to eclipse your common sense and allow you to do something you regret. Everyone has feelings of attraction, but they have to learn how to control it. If you're unable to do so, you'll be held accountable for whatever you do, because there are some things love is not an excuse for:

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If you cheat on your partner with someone you're madly in love with, it's still considered cheating. If you really want to be with another person, break up with your mate before anything inappropriate happens. No matter how you look at it, cheating is one of the things love is not an excuse for. You can't justify your wrongdoing by saying you did it out of love. You made a promise to your partner to be faithful, and you broke it.



When you love your partner, you want to protect them from the world, so it makes sense to lie about little things like how good they look in their new suit. However, you can't tell big lies to your partner out of love. If you lost your job or heard about their aunt dying, they deserve to know. The secrets aren't helping them.



When you're scared of losing someone, your emotions can get pretty intense. However, you can't hit your partner when they do something wrong in order to show them how much you care about their poor decisions. Hurting them is not going to "put them in line" or show them how much you "care." Don't do it.


Holding Them Back

If your partner is dying to accept a job offer he got in another state, don't convince him to stay in your hometown. Your love for him shouldn't make you fight for him. It should make you want what's best for him. If it's meant to be, you'll find a way to work everything out.


Hurting Yourself

It doesn't matter what your partner has done or what you have done to your partner--do not hurt yourself over it. Love is an intense emotion that can cause us to do crazy things, but it should never be the cause of you harming yourself. Even if your partner left you, he wouldn't want you to be in physical pain.


Starving Yourself

If you want to lose weight or get in better shape for yourself, do it by altering your diet and going to the gym. Never try to change your body for another person, and never ever do it by starving yourself. Your body is too important to suffer through a lack of food. Be good to yourself, even if no one else will be.


Changing Yourself

Don't ditch all of your friends and get a new wardrobe after falling in love, because you think it'll make him like you better. Love should make you want to be a better person, but not a totally different person. Don't lose yourself.

Some people who fall in love allow the emotion to control their lives. It's a beautiful thing to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, but he should be making your life better, not worse. Have you ever been in a destructive relationship?

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