7 Things a Woman Will Never Tell Their Manpartner ...


7 Things a Woman Will Never Tell Their Manpartner ...
7 Things a Woman Will Never Tell Their Manpartner ...

You may be surprised to find out that not only men sometimes like to hide the truth or embellish the details of certain things that have happened, but also, there are quite a few things a woman will never tell their man or partner. You may have heard that women are always a mystery and men never really understand them. Well, actually things are not that complicated, it just seems that way because there are important things a woman will never tell her man or partner.

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We Want Men to Take Initiative

One of the most important things a woman will never tell her man is that she wants him to take initiative from time to time. We don’t always like to plan everything. We love surprises and we like to see some hard work as well. We want our other half to take initiative more often, whether it’s about the things to buy from the grocery store or to tell us what should we cook for dinner or where will we go for our next city break.


Women want men to take initiative in their relationship. This could mean planning dates, surprising their partner with small gifts, or taking the lead in making decisions. Women also want to see their partner putting effort into their relationship, such as taking the time to listen to their partner’s concerns or being willing to compromise. Women also appreciate when their partner shows an interest in their hobbies and activities, as it shows that they care about their partner’s interests. Women also like it when their partner takes the initiative to plan out a romantic evening or a special outing. Taking initiative can show a woman that her partner is invested in the relationship and is willing to put effort in to make it work.


Women Agree with “Guy Time”

A lot of women don’t tell their husbands or boyfriends that actually, they agree with “guy time”. We do understand how important it is for them to spend some quality time now and then with their friends, drinking some beers or playing some pool or video games. The problems appear when women are neglected because their partner focuses their entire attention only on the "guy time."


Women understand the importance of "guy time" for their partners, but they don't always express it. They may feel neglected when their partner spends a lot of time with their friends, leaving little time for the relationship. Women may be afraid to tell their partners that they need more attention, as they don't want to be seen as clingy or intrusive. Women also don't want to be seen as trying to control their partners' lives. Women need their partners to make time for them, and to show that they are valued and respected.


We Are Scared That Other Women May Attract Him More

Even though most women won’t admit it, they are actually scared that other women in their man's life, like his colleagues, coworkers or female friends may attract him more than they do. We do know that something you can’t have is more appealing and that’s why we often worry that our partner may fantasize about other women close to him and that in time, they might steal him from us.


Women may be scared that other women may attract their man more than they do, but they may not want to admit it. This fear can be caused by the idea that something you can’t have is more appealing. Women may worry that their partner may fantasize about other women close to him and that they may end up stealing him away from them. Women may also feel insecure about their own appearance and feel that they can’t compete with other women in their man’s life. This fear of being replaced can be a source of stress and anxiety for women in relationships.


We Analyze Body Language

If you will, you may even say that women have a sixth sense when it comes to relationships. We like to analyze everything and that also includes our partner's body language. We always know which of their female colleagues or coworkers they fancy, even if we’ve never met them. We may not admit this though, because we don’t wanna risk give any ideas. That’s why we are a bit upset when our partner is spending too much time at the office or at school.


Women are naturally intuitive and can pick up on subtle cues that men may not even notice. They can tell when their partner is attracted to someone else, even if they have never met them, based on their partner's body language. Women may not vocalize this to their partner, as they don't want to risk giving any ideas. This can cause tension if their partner is spending too much time with someone else, such as at the office or school. Women also like to analyze relationships and may even have a sixth sense when it comes to love. Understanding a woman's feelings can be complex, and it is important to understand what she may not be saying.


We Want Them to Surprise Us More Often

Women love to be surprised, so we want our partner to put their creativity to work and amaze us! We wanna see that there is a little effort put into making us feel special and adored. We like it when they think outside the box and sweep us off our feet. It’s actually not that hard to do; we don’t need big and expensive gifts, just little surprises that will show us there's been some real effort into making us feel happy.


Women appreciate it when their partner puts thought and effort into surprising them. Little gestures can go a long way, such as making them breakfast in bed, sending them flowers, or taking them out for a romantic evening. Women are also more likely to be surprised if the surprise is something that is tailored to their interests, such as tickets to a show they've been wanting to see or a special dinner at their favorite restaurant. Even if the surprise isn't something tangible, it's important to show her that you are thinking of her and that you care.


We Want THEIR Friends to like Us

Most women will never admit it, but we actually want our man's friends to like us because since they are so important to him. We wanna show them how much we love our man for the wonderful person that he is. Also, we wanna avoid all the other potential conflicts or arguments that may emerge if we don’t like his friends or vice versa. So, that’s why we must admit that we really want his friends to like us because we know they might influence his decisions in so many ways.


Women often want their partner's friends to like them in order to show them how much they care for their partner and to avoid potential conflicts. This is because a partner's friends can influence their decisions in many ways. Women may not openly admit to wanting their partner's friends to like them, but they often do. It is important to remember that it is natural to want to be liked and accepted by the people closest to your partner. Showing kindness and respect to them can go a long way in fostering a positive relationship.


We Want THEM to Be Sincere

Another one of the things many women will never tell their man is the fact that they secretly want them to be sincere and honest, no matter how much that would hurt. Nobody likes to be lied to. So, if our man is attracted to somebody else is unable to control that attraction, he'd do better to be honest and tell us about it. If we are told first about the issue, we might even do something to prevent anything developing.

So, here are 7 of the things many women never tell to their partners even though it’s best if they knew about them. Can you give me a hand? What other things do women never tell when they’re in a committed relationship? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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I tell and talk to my boyfriend about all of these things.

This is true, especially the bit about him leaving because he's more attracted to another woman. I know my boyfriend won't cheat; I trust him not to. Despite this, I have some abandonment issues.

every last bit is sooo true!

I\'m not sure why people would bash this article, it seems pretty accurate especially the beginning of a relationship. It\'s so much easier when you tell your partner things like this, it really helps to understand and they are usually worried about the same sorts of things.

This is the dumbest article on women I have read. I talk to my spouse about all these things. I could care less if his friends like me cuz they are his friends not mine. I don't like surprises and men who like women will always find other women attractive. It doesn't mean he is going to stray. Men stay with one woman becuz they love her not becuz she is pretty but becuz she is a good person for him. This article is a #fail!!!

this is so true. even harder to admit.

This is totally me!

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