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10 Romance Killers to Avoid at All Costs ...

By Sici

There are plenty of things that kill romance and sometimes it’s obvious why a relationship didn’t work. Sometimes, however, you are left perplexed, wondering where it all went wrong. Many couples enjoy a honeymoon period but as that winds down, instead of settling into a steady, happy relationship, things fizzle out and the romance dies. What caused it? Here are the top things that kill romance you should know about so you can avoid them.

1 Spilling about Your Ex

human hair color, singer, vocal coach, blond, chin, One of the worst things that kill romance is too much time spent talking about your ex. A healthy discussion about past relationships is a classic way to bond with a new partner, but it can turn it off if you start getting over excited about dishing all the juicy gossip. It makes him think you’ll do the same about him in the future!

2 Staying at Home All the Time

drink, bar, fun, alcohol, event, Spending a cozy night in on the couch together is a great date night, but only if you don’t do it all the time. If things start to get a bit lazy and sloppy and you stop making an effort to go out together, then the romance will start to fade pretty quickly.

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3 Lack of Intimacy

facial hair, There are plenty of loving couples who don’t get it on quite as much as they used to, but if the spark seems to have already fizzled out of your romance completely, then it’s a sure fire way to kill the possibility of it continuing on from that point.

4 Arguing in Public

communication, conversation, human behavior, girl, professional, Too many arguments kill romance to begin with, but if you have the tendency to hash it out with your partner in a public space in front of strangers, then there really is no coming back from that kind of humiliation.

5 Getting Bored

, Make the effort not to let the relationship get too pedestrian in its early days because once things start to slow down, it can be difficult to speed them back up again. Be adventurous and try new things together to stop from getting bored.

6 Bad Fashion

smile, girl, fun, socialite, laughter, This applies to both partners in a relationship! Getting dressed up to go out on a date is an important part of romance, and if one or both of you stops making the effort and resorts to sweat pants as a first choice, then attraction will start to fade fast.

7 Being Selfish

hair, blond, human hair color, beauty, chin, Getting your own way all the time might feel good personally, but remember that by doing what you want, you are depriving your partner of a say in the matter. Relationships like this don’t tend to last long because somebody stops getting satisfaction out of it.

8 Negativity

conversation, smile, girl, This doesn’t just relate to general negativity about the outside world and sarcasm, it also means being negative about yourself. People who are over self deprecating can tend to be a bit of a drag, and not that fun to be around long term.

9 Nit Picking

muscle, photo caption, screenshot, I get that the more time you spend with somebody, the more you might notice little things that annoy you, but in order to preserve the romance, you really need to choose your battles when it comes to stuff like this. Don’t nit pick everything. He won’t stick around!

10 Letting Yourself Go

human hair color, blond, girl, socialite, long hair, Everybody’s body changes with age, and it can also change in the comfort of a long term relationship, but there is a difference between making it work with what you’ve got and completely letting yourself go. Try to keep making an effort and your partner will do the same!

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