10 Romance 😘 Killers πŸ˜– to Avoid 🚫 at All Costs πŸ™… ...

There are plenty of things that kill romance and sometimes it’s obvious why a relationship didn’t work. Sometimes, however, you are left perplexed, wondering where it all went wrong. Many couples enjoy a honeymoon period but as that winds down, instead of settling into a steady, happy relationship, things fizzle out and the romance dies. What caused it? Here are the top things that kill romance you should know about so you can avoid them.

1. Spilling about Your Ex

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One of the worst things that kill romance is too much time spent talking about your ex. A healthy discussion about past relationships is a classic way to bond with a new partner, but it can turn it off if you start getting over excited about dishing all the juicy gossip. It makes him think you’ll do the same about him in the future!

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