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7 Qualities of a Bad Partner You Don't Want ...

By Sici

When you’re in the throes of new love, it’s easy to overlook your partner’s flaws, but there are some qualities of a bad partner to watch out for. If you’re considering moving into long-term or permanent territory, some of these flaws become red flags. There are some qualities that you don’t want in a partner, right? Accepting them is not a basis of a happy relationship. Nor is it realistic to continue in the hope that you can change him – that’s never a recipe for success. These are the qualities of a bad partner you should be aware of.

1 He Never Keep Plans

Are you constantly making plans with him, only to receive a quick call or text message an hour before to let you know that he can’t make it? Once or twice is understandable, but when its nearly every single time, then something has got to give. He is definitely a bad partner if the only plans he can keep are going over to his place to do absolutely nothing together. If he's always breaking your dates, that's one of the qualities of a bad partner that could be a deal breaker.

2 The Focus is on Sex

A meaningful relationship is about much more than just sex. Don’t get me wrong, sex is an important part of any romantic connection, but when the primary focus is on going to bed and everything else gets left behind, then it might be time to consider what exactly your partner is in this for.


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3 Emotionally Closed off

A romantic partner is somebody who you should be able to open up to and be vulnerable with, but if your partner refuses to engage in that kind of interaction and connection, then what else do you have with each other besides sex? Is it really worth staying with an emotionally stunted person just for physical intimacy?

4 No Interest in Your Passions

A classic sign of a bad partner is that he doesn’t take any kind of interest in the things that you hold a personal interest in, rather than a joint hobby that the two of you might enjoy together. If he completely check outs mentally whenever you are trying to tell him about something that you love, it comes across as selfish and self absorbed. This is doubly bad if you have made an effort to get into whatever he likes outside of the relationship. It’s a two-way street, and your partner isn’t respecting that.

5 He Runs Hot and Cold

Are you always stepping on egg shells around your partner because you just don’t know whether he is going to be in a good mood or a bad mood around you on any given day? If he is constantly running hot and cold around you, then it’s a big indicator that he isn't prepared to factor you in as part of his day or take your feelings into consideration. There are times when we all have to put on a brave face for others, but if he can’t do that, then he probably isn't partner material.

6 He is Selfish

Do you find that you are always the one in the relationship who has to give up her own plans to accommodate your partner’s? The best partnerships are all about compromise, and if he can never give up his own plans in favour of yours, then there is something seriously wrong.

7 Your Friends Don’t like Him

Your best friends know more about you than anyone else, so if they don’t like your partner, then there must be a really strong reason. You can sometimes be blinded by love, but take a second to examine why your friends have such a different opinion. What are they seeing from the outside that you can’t?

Everyone deserves love, respect and trust in a relationship. If you are with a partner who does not offer these vital factors, maybe it’s time to examine your future.

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