7 Things That Make a Guy More Attractive ...


Aside from the typical personality characteristics, there are a few things that make a guy more attractive no matter what, in an instant! Yes, we all have our own preferences and types, but ladies, let’s admit there are a few things that makes us all weak at the knees. Some of these are definitely not deal breakers, but they are just those small things that make a guy more attractive!

1. Humor

If a guy knows how to tastefully make a girl laugh, that is a major plus! After all, humor is one of the top things that make a guy more attractive. If he can throw a few witty jokes here and there or even make you laugh until you start crying, he will definitely leave a good impression and automatically become more charming and attractive in your eyes!

Good Style


British accents are so sexy!
British accents AHH
omg i thought it was just me who had a thing about guys with tattoos, i think it is so sexy, i have some too :)
Guys who are good with kids!!
Ms Marvel
Nothing on there about respect or intelligence? Maybe a guy that's a feminist? One that's good to his mother, sister, or female friends? Perhaps one that's good with children and animals? I'd like to think those are more worthy than something like tattoos (and I have tattoos).
Yes beards!!!! I love my boyfriends when it's barely coming out!
Pretty good list. I agree with everything. πŸ‘
Just making time for us is attractive. To make time for us is to show us they cherish us.
I can't believe beards aren't mentioned!
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