7 Things to Avoid on a First Date ...


7 Things to Avoid on a First Date ...
7 Things to Avoid on a First Date ...

First dates are nerve-wracking to say the least. If you're wondering what things are best avoided on a first date, here's guest contributor Janel with her list!

If you have an upcoming first date, you are in the right place to familiarize yourself with things to avoid on a first date. Generally, dates can take a lot of effort, but the pressure is only maximized when going on an official date for the first time with someone new. First dates can bring about so many emotions at once including anxiousness, nervousness and excitement and that’s only to name a few. Calm down! Beyond all of the emotions, a first date should be a special occasion you look forward to and hopefully, enjoy. Get your date off to a good start by keeping these simple but important tips on things to avoid on a first date in mind.

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No Phone Allowed

Constantly using your phone does not send a good message, especially on a date. This can be quite impolite and presents a great deal of disinterest. Unless something really important comes up, you should keep your phone usage to a minimum. Frequently pulling out your phone is definitely a turn-off and one of the most important things to avoid on a first date. Put your phone down and focus on your date. The e-mails, texts and social media posts will all still be there once your outing comes to an end.


Don’t Fake It

Yes it’s your first date and you want to look nice and be impressive all around, but look nice and be impressive by simply being yourself. Don’t fake anything, be yourself from how you dress to how you style your hair and overall how you present yourself. Don’t do anything too out of the ordinary or over the top to try and impress your date. This will only give them the wrong impression and lead to future misunderstandings and confusion. It is very important to just be yourself. Make sure that your date likes and respects you for you and if not, it's their loss!


Keep the Conversation Light

While it is bad to fake things, it can be a good idea to conceal some things. It is the first date, and you do want to be completely honest and real with your date, but at the same time there is information that is inappropriate to discuss so soon. Avoid asking or telling about past relationships and presenting serious personal problems. Save those conversations for your prospective future. Get to know your date, and let your date get to know you, but do so without getting too detailed or putting your relationship history and baggage on the table so quickly.


Go Dutch

Even though it’s traditional in thought for the guy to handle the costs, you shouldn't initially depend on your date to pay your way. At least offer to go half on the overall bill. Not only is it mannerly, but it also shows him that you’re independent and can handle yourself. If he insists to pay after you’ve offered, let him. It’s still nice to be treated to something, and you did your part by offering.


No Personal Locations

First dates are supposed to be fun and exciting and they also require you to have your head on at all times. Going into most first date situations, you’re dealing with someone you aren’t too familiar with. Since this is the case, it’s a good idea to stay away from hosting a date at your place, or even going over to a guy’s place. Get to know him a little before taking that personal step. For your own safety, plan a public date like a movie or going out to eat.


Don’t Let Him Drive

Another big part of staying safe on your first date is to rely upon your own means of transport to get to and from the date. Don’t allow your date to pick you up. Even if the date goes well, I wouldn’t recommend letting your date take you home either. You just met this guy, so it’s really not the best idea to let him know exactly where you live so soon. It’s also not necessarily best to depend on your date to get you home safely. If you are unable to drive yourself there, plan to have a friend or family member give you a ride and pick you up at the end of the date.


Don’t Overthink It

There are a lot of little important things to keep in mind during a first date. Beyond all of them, you must still relax and be yourself. Don’t overthink your date in any aspect. Just use common sense and be as safe as you can. Enjoy the company of your date and the outing. Hopefully it leads to a successful second date and maybe even beyond.

We just covered several important tips to help you ease your mind when going on a first date. Keep these important tips in mind and have a good time. Have you gone on a first date recently? Do you have any important first date tips to share?

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It's me the lov moktor! First date? Be YOU! Don't shave, wash, brush ur teeth, use deodorant, don't wear a bra! Be natural and if the guy can't stand the overwhelming scent of bio then he's not the guy for u. The 2 guys I have ever dated on my entire life say that hairy legs r a huge turn on xx69

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