7 Things to Consider before Saying Yes to a Second Date ...


Did you know there are things you should think over before saying yes to a second date? You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble if you do. Who wants to end up on a second date, wishing they had stayed home? Consider these things before saying yes to a second date to make sure you are on the right track.

1. Are You Still Interested?

Before saying yes to a second date, think about if you are still interested. If your first date was a total snooze-fest, you may want to pass. Of course, there is always the school of thought that believes in second chances and that is a wise thought, too. But if you know that your interest level is zilch, it might be wise to politely decline. That is better than ending up on a second date and berating yourself for accepting.

Are You Just Bored?


I agree to you Nicole, I found one myself too, who is very, very respectful and gentlemen-like
At first I thought chivalry was dead.. but I recently just found an awesome great guy from dating that is a true gentlemen. Ladies don't give up on finding your man!
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