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7 Reasons Long Distance Relationships Work ...

By Lindsey

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, which is one of the reasons long distance relationships work. This is not to say that dating long distance is for everyone, but if you and your honey need to date from different cities or even different time zones, just know that with the right mindset and positive actions, your relationship has the ability to grow stronger and stronger. Check out some of these reasons long distance relationships work and keep having the faith!

1 Keep Communication Open

One of the reasons long distance relationships work is keeping the line of communication open. Waiting hours to respond to a text or blowing off a phone call because you’re busy will only hurt your relationship, so make time to talk, and do it often. Show each other that you’re thinking about one another and send a sweet text throughout the day to remind them how much you care.

2 Work on Your Trust

Having that special someone be so far away can start to make you worried about what they’re doing when you’re not around, which is why you have to establish trust with them right away. Make sure they know and prove to them that they have nothing to be worried about, and vice versa. Both parties need to be fully committed to one another, and if they are, that just goes to show how strong the relationship is!


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3 Sweet Nothings

A sweet way to show your love to your long distance honey is by sending them something cute to show your love. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but in my experience talking to friends who are dating long distance, receiving a little gift or even a letter meant more to them than anything. Start the trend by sending your loved one a token of your appreciation—they may love it more than you could ever expect!

4 Know Where You’re Headed

If you don’t feel like this relationship is something long-term, your lack of effort to keep it going will show, and eventually, things will end. However, if you and your significant other have talked about this being a serious relationship, then long distance will be a true testament to how strong the relationship is. Make sure that you both are at the same point in your relationship before investing too much in the distance.

5 Sometimes Time Apart is Good

Some couples who spend time together every day early on in their relationship fight often or develop problems in other areas because there isn’t much room to breathe. Having time apart can help you each to discover more about yourselves and what your needs are without feeling smothered.

6 Make the Most of the Time Together

Because the time that long distance couples do spend together is usually a small portion of time, it’s important to make those days count. Fighting would be a total waste of your precious time together, so make sure that you make the absolute most out of your visits. This will always make your trips to see each other extra enjoyable.

7 More Sparks!

In addition to making the most out of your time spent together, because you are only physically with one another so infrequently, your sparks and physical chemistry will be amplified.

Long distance is not always a bad thing, and can actually help make your relationship grow stronger. Take the time you have apart to learn more about yourself and what your needs are in a relationship. Although while focusing on your own needs, you should examine what your partner’s needs are too. Long distance relationships are the true test to how much a relationship can be put through, so if you’re already going through these motions, give yourself a pat on the back! Do you have any tips for long distance daters?

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