17 Things That Shouldnt Change after Marriage ...

By Holly

Marriage shouldn't change your entire relationship. Sure, you might start living together and spending more time together, but everything else should remain the same. Here are a few things that shouldn't change once your boyfriend becomes your husband:

Table of contents:

  1. you should still flirt
  2. you should still go on dates
  3. you should still put effort into your appearance
  4. you should still hang out with your friends
  5. you should still have sex
  6. you should still say i love you
  7. you should still know you can leave
  8. you should still act respectfully
  9. you should still talk to each other
  10. you should still get consent for sex
  11. you should still try to impress each other
  12. you should still compliment each other
  13. you should still do little things for him
  14. you should still brag about him
  15. you should still make decisions together
  16. you should still kiss him hello and goodbye
  17. you should still be appreciative

1 You Should Still Flirt

You shouldn't let the fun fade away after marriage. Keep flirting with your partner on the daily!

2 You Should Still Go on Dates

Boyfriends and girlfriends aren't the only ones allowed to go on dates. Husbands and wives should go on them, too.

3 You Should Still Put Effort into Your Appearance

You put in effort while you were dating to keep your partner around. Divorce is always a possibility, so keep up that effort.

4 You Should Still Hang out with Your Friends

Your friends won't magically disappear once you're married. They'll still exist, so there's no reason to cut them out of your life.

5 You Should Still Have Sex

There's a rumor that married couples never have sex. That might be true for some, but don't let it become true for you.

6 You Should Still Say I Love You

Your husband already knows you love him, since you married him. However, that doesn't mean you should stop saying those three little words.

7 You Should Still Know You Can Leave

You shouldn't feel trapped in marriage. You can still leave your partner if you need to, just like you could've before you got hitched.

8 You Should Still Act Respectfully

Marrying someone doesn't give you the right to treat them poorly. If anything, you should treat them better than ever before.

9 You Should Still Talk to Each Other

Don't shut each other out. A healthy marriage requires you two to talk about your day.

10 You Should Still Get Consent for Sex

You can't have sex with your man whenever you want, just because you're married. Consent is still important, even when there's a ring on your finger.

11 You Should Still Try to Impress Each Other

Don't get lazy a few years into marriage. You should still try your best to impress your man, and to make him proud to be your husband.

12 You Should Still Compliment Each Other

Your man already knows you find him attractive, but it's still nice to hear your compliments. Never stop showering him with affection.

13 You Should Still do Little Things for Him

Buy him his favorite candy. Make him his favorite meal. Do little things to remind him you care.

14 You Should Still Brag about Him

Women with boyfriends brag about them. Women with husbands complain about them. You should stop that trend by bragging about how amazing your husband is, even years after you get married.

15 You Should Still Make Decisions Together

Your husband is your partner. That means you two are a team and need to make decisions together.

16 You Should Still Kiss Him Hello and Goodbye

The little things matter the most. Before you leave the house, give him a kiss goodbye. As soon as you get home, give him a kiss hello.

17 You Should Still Be Appreciative

After you've been with someone for a while, it's easy to forget how lucky you are to have them. However, you should always remember how fortunate you are to have someone so special.

Your relationship with your boyfriend shouldn't change all that much once he becomes your husband. After all, you're still the same people. How long have you been married for?

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