7 Vital Questions to Ask before Getting Married ...


7 Vital Questions to Ask before Getting Married ...
7 Vital Questions to Ask before Getting Married ...

There are some very important questions to ask before getting married. You know that you are in love and that you want to spend your life together but those feelings are coming from your emotions. You need to use a little logic here to save a lot of heartache later. Be sure to use this list of questions to ask before getting married to prevent that from happening to you.

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About Future Goals and Plans

One of the most important questions to ask before getting married is about what your intended’s future goals and plans are. You do not want to be married to someone who doesn’t know where their life is going and has no plans. You would be much happier being married to someone who wants to reach goals and improve their life more and more the longer that they life. You also want to know that your goals are headed in the same direction. One instance I can think of is the fact that it is important to know if either of you would be willing to move for work. Both parties need to share the same viewpoint on that.


About the Number of Children You Want

First of all, you need to know if your future husband even wants children. If the answer to that question is yes, it is a good idea to discuss the number of children you both want. If one of you wants two or three and the other wants three or four, you have some good common ground to work that out. On the other hand, if one of you wants one and the other wants four or five, you probably need to hash that out before marriage. Don’t fall for the lie that things will magically work out on their own; they won’t.


About How He Plans to Handle Conflict

It is inevitable that the two of you will encounter conflict in your marriage. It is a part of marriage. Conflict does not mean that there is anything wrong with your marriage. The problems come in if you handle it incorrectly. Take time now to make a plan on how to handle conflict when it does arise in your future marriage.


About His Faith

You seriously need to ask about your future husband’s faith. What is his faith? Does he actively practice it? If you do not share a faith, be aware that this could be a potential for future problems. A lot of times people that do not actively practice their faith discover they want to as they have children and begin aging.


About His Financial Personality

What is your future husband’s financial personality? Is he a spender or a saver? While we can all work on our financial habits, it is important to know what you are dealing with. If you have completely opposing views on this, it can create trouble for you as a couple. Come up with some financial plans now for handling situations that could arise.


About in-law Situations

In-law situations can cause a lot of hurt and heartache in a marriage. Talk to your intended about how he feels you should handle them if they arise, and share your views as well. It is also good to observe how close he is to his family now. While it is wonderful if he has a good, strong bond with his family, that closeness can go too far. If you see some signs he is a Mama’s boy, it might be good to give that some consideration as to how it could affect a marriage.


About Chore Division

A lot of times fights arise over chore division in marriage. You can save yourself from going through this by discussing this issue now. Talk about how you will divide chores up before you walk down the aisle. While this might not be a fun conversation, it beats fighting over it five years in. Talking about things like this beforehand is a much better option.

Asking these questions now can make your marriage get off on much better footing. Did you discuss these questions before you married your husband? What other questions would you suggest discussing?

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I Have to include..His Credit Status..very important.

This is honestly one of the first times ever since i started using this app i can say: i didn't think of that tip. Thank you!!

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