7 Tiny Things That Count as Cheating ...


There are little things that count as cheating that you should never do to your partner. Cheating doesn't have to mean that you're making-out with someone behind your partner's back. Emotional affairs also exist, and there are straight up lies that can count as cheating. You don't want to upset the love of your life, so here are a few little things that count as cheating that you should avoid doing at all costs:

1. Lying about Being in a Relationship

If you're in a relationship, but you tell someone that you're single, then something is very wrong. You should be proud of your partner and want to brag about them every chance you get. If you're lying about being single, then you're leading someone on while disrespecting your partner. It's one of the little things that count as cheating, so you should avoid doing it.

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Buffy Coronado
@Bree, you imply you have no control over self , we all can control what we do, emotions are often confusing to people and you have to avoid feeling things around men. Men often take openness as a sig...
Camila C Balboa
He has done a lot of this to me.. Sadly
What is and isn't considered cheating is different in every relationship. If your partner made it clear that he doesn't want you talking to your ex, but you do so anyway, you're disrespecting him. If ...
6. HAVING AN EMOTIONAL AFFAIR Cheating doesn't have to involve kissing and touching. You could have an emotional affair by falling in love with someone else, or simply telling your deepest feelings t...
I agree with Angie ..Bree ? You are obviously a teen or young and not really world wise .. You can control whether or not you let your heart or brain attach to a person .. By removing yourself from t...
Mari Smith
I agree mostly but if he says he doesn't want me hanging out with a guy childhood friend and I do then how is that cheating that's more like jealousy than cheating
I agree with author's article!!
We girls can follow this easily But men always cant! Aholes!
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