7 Tips for Better Online Dating Profile Photos ...


7 Tips for Better Online Dating Profile Photos ...
7 Tips for Better Online Dating Profile Photos ...

We've all seen or heard about embarrassing online dating profile photos. Some of us are probably even guilty of taking incredibly horrible pictures for our profiles. Since your picture is the first thing prospective dates see, you want it to be a good one. With a little effort, you can have better online dating photos for your profile. It's not hard and you'll be glad you took the time.

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Smile Naturally

I know you want to look sexy and flirty, but that usually just looks weird in a photo. Instead, smile naturally at the camera. Pretend you're looking at something that makes you happy. A friendly, natural looking smile is far more attractive than squinted eyes, a large over-done smile or pouty lips. You seem more approachable and sweet. Plus, smiling naturally is much easier than trying for a fake expression.


Take a Selfie

You could have professional photos done, but most dating sites have found a fun selfie is more effective. Odds are, you already have quite a few selfies on hand. Find one that's well lit and shows off your beautiful smile. The camera angle seems more natural to guys and makes you seem far more casual. Besides, what could be easier than taking a selfie? Just make sure there's nothing strange or embarrassing in the background, such as an annoying sibling making weird faces.


Leave out Others

I can't believe people actually post online dating profile photos that include other people. Most people simply ignore these altogether. They assume you're already with someone or you're looking for someone to join your couple. It might seem easier to upload that picture with you and your friends or you and your best guy friend, but it only hurts your chances of getting a date. Opt for solo only shots for best results.


Use Recent Shots

How many times have you've went out with someone based on their photo only to discover they look nothing like that now? I know you want to put your best self online, but if you don't look the same, post a new photo. Your profile picture is basically an advertisement of what you actually look like. Nothing ruins a date quicker than meeting up and finding out all those photos are a lie. Keep things honest and use the most recent photos of yourself.


Take Clear Pictures

This should be obvious, but you wouldn't believe how many blurry or dark photos people post. It's fine if you want to get a little creative using frames and effects, but make sure the image of you is extremely clear. You don't want people trying to guess what you look like. If you're having problems taking a good picture, ask a friend to help you out. It can still look like a selfie, even if someone else takes it.


Dress Naturally without Showing Too Much

Online dating profile pictures aren't the right place for wearing a suit or formal gown. Dress naturally, but don't try to go for shock value. I've seen too many women wearing super tight crop tops that barely cover anything along with shorts that may have actually been underwear. You don't have to show off every inch of skin to get a date. Instead, dress how you feel comfortable. It'll show off your personality more and make the right person more likely to send you a message.


Take Action Shots

Did you recently travel? Have a cute pet? Do you enjoy running? Try adding action shots to your profile. These can be additional photos or your main profile picture. These are great for showing potential mates what you like to do. Plus, it gives them an opening to ask about the photo and what you were doing. For instance, guys holding a cute kitten or puppy are likely to get more connections than a guy standing against a plain white background.

Your profile photos is arguably the most important part of your online dating profile. Take a moment to think about how you want to look and be perceived. Then, relax, take a natural looking photo and see what others think. What do you recommend for better online dating photos?

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