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I’ve often wondered how to flirt online. I read up, got some practice, and now I consider myself an online flirting expert! Just like there are rules for flirting in the real world, I have some ideas to help you become the world’s best online flirt. Here are 7 tips on how to flirt online. Let’s go!

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Go Active All over!

Why limit yourself to flirting on Facebook or Twitter or eHarmony when you can flirt online all over! Set up a profile on a few different dating websites (I recommend OKCupid and Fellody) and use them, along with Facebook and Twitter, to flirt all over the web!


Be Yourself!

Flirting isn’t any fun when you’re struggling to maintain a made-up persona, so do yourself a favor and just be yourself!


Be Light

Flirting isn’t supposed to be serious discussion. It’s supposed to be light, fun, friendly, and (often) giddy. Don’t talk about anything that could lead to a serious discussion, unless you’re willing to put the flirting on hold to talk about the debt crisis in Europe or last night’s GOP debate.


Practice Makes Perfect

Like any other talent worth mastering, flirting takes practice. When you start your career as a world-class flirt, you might be a little nervous, or make a few little mis-steps, but these can be fun, too. Don’t worry! You’ll get better, and become more confident, with time.


Use the Extra Features

How many of you have used the “poke” feature on Facebook, or the “wink” option on OKCupid? These little options are a great way to start an innocent flirtation, especially if you’re just not bold enough to send a message yet.


Set Verbal Boundaries

There are some times when flirting online can get creepy, and if and when that happens, it’s okay to end the flirtation. Before you send your first “poke” or drop your first “wink,” think about what sorts of flirting you’re going to accept, and where you’ll draw the line, then stick to it, and don’t feel bad, even for a moment, about it. Sure, you run the risk of being called a bitch or a tease, but who cares? Any guy who’s going to push those boundaries isn’t worth considering anyway.


Set Physical Boundaries

Along with the verbal boundaries you’ve set, think about whether or not you’ll consider meeting any of the guys you’re flirting with online, and if so, how. For safety’s sake, of course, never agree to meet a guy at his or your own house (until you know them quite well) and opt for a public meeting instead (like at a coffee shop). In fact, you might not even want to share your phone number or email address right away… and you may want to think about running a criminal background check before you meet someone in person.

See? Flirting online has the potential to be even more fun than flirting in person! Which of these tips for how to flirt online do you think you’ll use, or do you have another online flirting tip to share? Please do… I’m always thrilled to learn new ways to be a better flirt!

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I think it is necessary to portray real personality when online, and as these days you have availability of dating sites with chat rooms , just find men who tickle your funny bone and want to continue chatting, and after a few days of knowing each other, if person is trustworthy, just go out on a date.

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