7 Tips for Dating Someone from Another Culture ...


Dating someone from another culture can be quite challenging, especially since you and your partner can have different views, beliefs or values. Physical, cultural and religious differences are just some of the challenges interracial couples have to face quite often, especially at the beginning of their relationship. If you and your partner come from two completely different places with opposite cultural views, meanings and traditions, just read on and discover a few very helpful tips for dating someone from another culture:

1. Communication

Good communication is one of the most important things that you should consider when you are dating someone from another culture. Probably neither of you are fluent in other personโ€™s native language, so a lot of misunderstandings may appear. Just take some time and gather your thoughts so you can communicate them correctly. Always speak calmly and clearly to each other.

Respect Their Culture


Mashallah Lilly M! Good for you :)
Lilly m
I am dating an arab from Egypt obviously a muslim and trust me it's a challenge but it's good to learn their culture . And respect their. I never knew the patiency would work but recently I have been ...
Jonna Liljeblad
My boyfriend is from Hong Kong and I am European so sometimes culture clashes occur. We can see things very differently at times but I love how more open minder both of is have become. Also, Asian cooking really rocks!
I'm dating a Muslim and I'm Christian. Things are crazy, you can't brake the love. There's lots of things that are challenging but being patient is the best way.
Kassandra Cruz
I am only 16 years old but it's teenage love so it's all these crazy feelings and emotions but my friend is a muslim and i am a christian. so its crazy to see how we can find a happy medium between my...
My husband is from the Philippines and let me tell you... It's challenging! But I absolutely love his culture and his food! All 7 are key to make it work!
My husband is from Guatemala. I love him deeply but the cultural differences are sometimes really challenging. So yes, you do just have to remember that you're different, remember that you love each other anyway and keep plugging along.
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