7 Appropriate and Non-creepy Ways to Flirt with a Coworker ...


7 Appropriate and Non-creepy Ways to Flirt with a Coworker ...
7 Appropriate and Non-creepy Ways to Flirt with a Coworker ...

Trying to flirt with a co-worker can be tricky business sometimes but it’s not impossible to show your work colleague that you fancy them without being creepy about it. Just keep in mind that sometimes body language can say more than words and it’s also a lot more subtle, especially if you are trying to get your crush’s attention. You can send them the right signals without looking desperate or inappropriate. Also, eye contact flirting is one of the easiest and safest ways to get the message across, and it's exciting, simple and instinctive. It’s also an easy way to know if someone is interested in knowing you better, without having to make the first move. Here are 7 appropriate and non-creepy ways to flirt with a coworker that can help you gauge your work colleague’s interest in you:

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Exchange a Fleeting Glimpse

One of the most appropriate ways to flirt with a co-worker without looking like a stalker is by exchanging a fleeting glimpse with them every now and then. They will notice you back and if they are interested they will smile or even ask you to go and have a drink with them after work.


This method of flirting with a coworker is a great way to show your interest without being too forward. It’s important to remember to keep the glances brief and not to stare. It’s also important to be aware of any office policies regarding fraternizing with coworkers, as you don’t want to put yourself in a compromising situation. If the other person reciprocates the glances, you can then take the opportunity to start a conversation or ask them out for a drink after work. It’s a great way to let someone know you’re interested without making it too obvious.


Play with Your Hair

Fiddling with your hair is just like an instant flirt message that you can send to your crush, even if they work in the same office as you do. So, no matter if your hair is short or long, when you talk to that work colleague that you fancy, try to play with your hair while looking at them, smile and be friendly because this way, you will catch their attention.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, but it has to be appropriate and non-creepy. Always respect personal boundaries and make sure it doesn't affect your professionalism.

You can show interest by giving genuine compliments, being a good listener, and sharing light-hearted jokes or stories during breaks. Always keep it friendly and respectful.

Look for signs like them returning your compliments, seeking you out for conversations, or showing genuine interest in your life outside of work. But remember, they could just be friendly, so don't jump to conclusions.

Yes, but only if you feel they might be receptive. It's best to proceed with caution and ask them out in a low-pressure situation, perhaps as a group outing first.

Keep it light and professional. Flirting should be subtle, such as through body language or playful banter, and never make the other person feel uncomfortable or pressured.


Make Sure You Appear Approachable

If you want your work crush to notice you, then make sure you always seem friendly and approachable. Be sure to face forward when your crush is nearby and don’t keep your arms crossed because this way, they will feel less intimidated to start a conversation with you.


A warm smile can work wonders, and maintaining gentle eye contact suggests open communication. If your crush passes by, a simple nod or a casual "hello" can invite further interaction without seeming too forward. Remember, it's not just about being physically open; your demeanor counts too. Exude positivity and show genuine interest in their day. This way, you create a comfortable atmosphere around you, which could encourage your crush to engage more deeply in future encounters.


Make Them Curious about You

If you haven’t worked up the courage to talk to them yet, you could try talking about those cool things that you did with other work colleagues, but make sure that they can hear you. Let them know what a wonderful and interesting person you are. If you are not living an interesting life, then start doing more fun things, take up a new hobby, exercise or meet some new people, since this will help you feel happier and it will also boost your confidence.


Once you've worked up the courage to talk to them, you can use your experiences to make them curious about you. Talk about the cool things you've done with other colleagues, and let them know what a great and interesting person you are. If your life isn't particularly exciting, take the initiative to do more fun things, try a new hobby, get some exercise, or meet new people. Doing these things will help you feel more confident and happy, and will help you make a good impression. Additionally, make sure to be mindful of your body language when you're around them. Be friendly and smile, and make sure to maintain eye contact. Showing genuine interest in what they have to say is another great way to get them to take an interest in you.


Talk to Them

If you like someone from your office, just talk to them but make sure you don’t sound creepy. Be open and friendly, ask them about their day or how their weekend was and tell them more about you and about the fun things you did. If they are interested, they will want to know more and they might even ask you out on a date.


Starting conversations can be as simple as discussing shared interests or recent company events. Remember to listen more than you talk; showing genuine interest in their thoughts and opinions can be very flattering. Ensure that your flirting is subtle – think playful banter rather than overt compliments, which might be too forward in a professional setting. Most importantly, respect their personal space and boundaries; if they seem unresponsive or uncomfortable, it's crucial to take a step back. Flirting at work should never interfere with your (or their) professional responsibilities.


Mind Your Posture

Always stand up straight, not only when your crush is nearby. Just push your shoulders back and your chest out because this way, you will seem more confident and people tend to find confidence very attractive.


Moreover, maintaining proper posture extends beyond aesthetics; it signals a sense of self-assurance and command which can be especially impactful in a professional setting. When seated, also be conscious of your alignment—sit squarely in your chair with your feet flat on the ground. This poised position not only demonstrates your attentiveness but subtly enhances your presence in a room. A straight spine and aligned shoulders can also positively affect your mood, sparking a genuine, magnetic energy that's naturally appealing. Just remember, while good posture is key, staying relaxed is equally important to avoid looking stiff or uncomfortable.



Smile more often when you are at work, especially when you see the person that you have a crush on. You will definitely catch their attention with your beautiful smile, you will seem more friendly and approachable and you might even encourage them to make the first move and ask you out for a drink so they’ll get to know you better.

Flirting with a work colleague can be tricky business but it can also be fun and enjoyable if you do it right. Do you know any other appropriate and non-creepy ways to flirt with a coworker? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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Life is too short to be that caught up in work that you fear any damn fun..at least if you have a one night stand with a coworker and you end up with an std or vice versa you know where to find them

THE OFFICE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Great comments!!!!

I know of a girl that is a big flirt and slept with 2 men from work.. Now she will never be taken seriously and is considered a fugly slut

When you take professional out of your profession you are left with zilch.

Let's just make sure that neither of the co workers are married or engaged... Being a home wrecker is not a great way to start your career! Remember, it's takes many years to build a solid reputation-but only 30 seconds to destroy it!

I agree with all these comments. Plus, don't you want to be seen as a strong employee? Not the one who's always playing with her hair and flirting? It makes you look foolish and absentminded.

Omg i liked this article but then the comments...omfgosh i laughed really loud after the first one...sad but freaking funny. I dont care y'all ain't going to burst my bubble.

The man who cheats on his wife is the home wrecker, not the woman he fooled. The "other woman" is often a victim as well. It's not right to hate on her.

Never mix business and pleasure! Most progressive companies have rules against dating coworkers, with good reason. When things don't work out for the flirting coworkers (as they most often don't), the results of working together are awkward at best and disastrous at worst. Just don't flirt with coworkers! Be professional and have your fun outside of work.

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