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Decoding Shy Guys - 7 Signs He Wants You to Make the First Move ...

By Alicia

There are certain signs a guy can send to tell you he’s waiting on you to make the first move. Shy guys are more likely to do this. They don’t always gain confidence until you make the first move toward them. That can be all it takes for sparks to fly between you.

1 He’s Been Single a Long Time

Sometimes a shy guy is single a long time because he’s got his eye on a girl and he’s waiting on her to make the first move. He may have even been waiting for you to become single. This isn’t always why he’s single but it’s a good possibility. It’s important to look at the overall picture and not just one of these signs. It’s good to get a feel for if he’s truly interested before you move forward.

2 You Feel like He’s Sending You Signals

So much of a relationship can be about unseen signals. This is especially true in the beginning of a relationship. Do you feel like this shy guy is sending you signals? They may be hard to identify. He could send you a signal by giving you a compliment or making it a point to be around you. He’s showing his interest but he may be too shy to make a true move toward actually dating.

3 He’s a Watch from the Sidelines Guy

If he’s more the type that watches from the sidelines, he may be waiting on your to make the first move. He’s not aggressive. In fact, he might be laid back and easygoing in addition to being shy. Guys that’re a little more aggressive generally like to make the first move. A laid back guy is more likely to wait for you to get things going, even if he’s attracted to you.

4 He’s Thinks You’re Too Good for Him

A shy guy may not make the first move because he thinks you’re too good for him. He may have even made statements like that to you. He doesn’t feel like he has a chance so he’ll hang back and leave things in your court. He doesn’t want to risk rejection. Sometimes the encouragement you give him in making the first move is all he needs to come in and sweep you off your feet.

5 He Gets Nervous around You

He may be waiting for you to make the first move because he’s simply too nervous to do so. There’s actually a hidden compliment in this scenario. The fact that he feels nervous around you says that he’s really into you. He doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize what he’s hoping will become a relationship. He may know you’re more confident than he is so he’s counting on that to get things going.

6 He’s Been Flirting with You Forever

Your shy guy may have been flirting with you forever. That may be his way of giving you the signal that he wants you to make the first move. He’s hoping that you’ll show some interest back. You can do that by flirting back with him or taking a more direct approach. Letting him know you’re interested could be the start of a great relationship.

7 His Friends Are Giving You the inside Scoop

There’s not a much louder clue than this one. His friends may be telling you that he’s interested and just waiting for you to make a move. It’s good if you can talk to his friends. Hearing what your shy guy is thinking and feeling is an advantage. It gives you inside info.

Starting a relationship with a shy guy can be tricky but well-worth it. Do you think there’s a shy guy interested in you? How do you plan to make the first move?

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