8 Tips on How to Fix a Relationship ...


8 Tips on How to Fix a Relationship ...
8 Tips on How to Fix a Relationship ...

How to fix a relationship is not the easiest thing in the world to learn. Every relationship is hard and every relationship has its bumps in the road. I know that I have been through a number of fights with the BH, but that has also made our relationship stronger and we've learned how to fix a relationship better than most couples. Below, I am going to outline 8 of the top tips on how to fix a relationship that have worked for me, why not give them a try?

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Identify the Problem

Every relationship is going to have their problems. Every relationship should have some disagreements and some fights but if you are finding that you are constantly in a fight, what do you think the problem is? Identifying the problem before it turns into a fight is a great practice to get into. This is one of the first lessons that I learned when I was going through and learning how to fix a relationship.


Communication is Key

You'll probably read in any and all How to Fix a Relationship book that communication is key; they are right. You have to communicate with your partner in order to have a good relationship, in order to put out any of the fires that might happen when you don't communicate. Half of the fights that the Better Half and I get into are because we are not communicating properly. Don't fall into the trap of closing down, open up – it'll make all of the difference.


Outlaw Name Calling

A lot of couples fight dirty with name calling whenever they start a fight with their partner. I've seen it everywhere from TV shows all the way to people fighting in public. Don't fall into that. Name calling can just come back to bite you in the butt and it can really hurt your partner's feelings. Remember, your words can cut people.


Think before You Speak

That last statement leads me right into this point – your words can honestly hurt someone without you even realizing it. Even when you are in the heat of a fight, just think before you speak. If you have to take a couple second before answering something that your boy/girlfriend said, take it – it is better to think about your words before speaking something harmful.


Don't Use Facebook as a Weapon

With the new social media explosion it's easy to fight via things like Facebook and Tumblr. Why would you want to do that? It is embarrassing and uncomfortable for your friends and family to watch. If you feel yourself getting annoyed at your partner, it is better to face them in person or on the phone than posting on their wall.


Listen to Each Other

This is the biggest problem that I have. I know that when I am mad or upset, I do not want to listen to anything that anyone says, much less try to work anything out. One thing that I have learned in the course of my relationship is that listening is key. You have to listen to your boy/girlfriend, they are hurting too and it will be easier to work things out when you have your ears open.


Don't Take Your Partner for Granted

Do you constantly take advantage of something that your partner does for you? Do you constantly expect so much from them and never give anything back? Don't do that. It only makes for a resentful and horrible relationship. Treat each other with respect and cherish what you have, a lot of people do not have a boy or girl that they can call their own.


Make Time for Each Other

I have a huge problem with this as well. I work two jobs and when I come home, typically I am beat and the last thing that I want to do is make time for someone else. Making time for one another is a key part in order to fix any relationship. Remember all of those special moments you used to share in the honeymoon stage of your relationship? Recapture that by starting a date night or even just sitting down to dinner together each and every night. This is a very important part when you are learning how to fix a relationship.

Trying to learn how to fix a relationship is not easy – heck, being in a relationship is not easy. If you are in love though, make sure that instead of ending it, why not try to work it out? There are many different tips and tricks out there that can help you learn how to fix a relationship, these are just 8 of them that have worked for me. What are some tips that you have used to fix a relationship that might be in danger? Share with me!

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