7 Toasty and Warm Date Ideas for Cold Nights ...

The winter season is upon us and now that it’s a bit chilly out, we need more indoor date ideas for cold nights. I’m not talking about just going to a movie, I want to do something more creative than that! Tell me, what date ideas for cold nights do you have up your sleeve for the winter months?

1. Brewery Tour

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This does not top my list of great date ideas for cold nights just because of the beer tasting, but for the history as well! Did you know that one of America’s Oldest Breweries was founded in 1829 and then re-established again in 1831 after a horrible fire destroyed their first location? Yuengling Brewery has been standing tall in that second building location in Pottsville, Pa for 182 years, that’s pretty incredible! Now, you’re thinking you’ll take your guy up on that brewery tour, huh?

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