7 Toasty and Warm Date Ideas for Cold Nights ...


7 Toasty and Warm Date Ideas for Cold Nights ...
7 Toasty and Warm Date Ideas for Cold Nights ...

The winter season is upon us and now that it’s a bit chilly out, we need more indoor date ideas for cold nights. I’m not talking about just going to a movie, I want to do something more creative than that! Tell me, what date ideas for cold nights do you have up your sleeve for the winter months?

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Brewery Tour

Brewery Tour This does not top my list of great date ideas for cold nights just because of the beer tasting, but for the history as well! Did you know that one of America’s Oldest Breweries was founded in 1829 and then re-established again in 1831 after a horrible fire destroyed their first location? Yuengling Brewery has been standing tall in that second building location in Pottsville, Pa for 182 years, that’s pretty incredible! Now, you’re thinking you’ll take your guy up on that brewery tour, huh?


Painting Class

Painting Class The latest trend for date nights and girls’ nights out this year is a step-by-step canvas painting class. Many of them are BYOB...or wine in some cases, there is even a mobile business that brings the painting to you! You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to be inspired. Your group, whether it’s just the two of you or more, chooses the same tutorial for the teacher to demonstrate and everyone goes home with the same print painted with a different perspective.


Fireplace S’mores

Fireplace S’mores Summertime isn’t the only time for s’mores, when it gets too cold outside make them on the fireplace instead and stay in for date night at home. If you don’t have a fireplace, there are cute s’more or fondue sets that you can purchase that will do the trick!


Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights I love driving around town just looking at all of the beautiful holiday lights, there are so many houses in our neighborhood that really go out all. Get in the spirit and decorate your home with lights, snowmen, and Christmas decor to join in on the fun so your neighbors can admire your home as well. On your holiday lights tour, make some hot cocoa in a thermos, turn on the Christmas songs, and drive around in search of the best house!



Santa One year back when my husband and I were first dating, I made him stand in line with me to take a photo with Santa! He’s not there just for the kids, adults can get in on the holiday fun too! Some places even have a pet day, so now you can include your little dog in your holiday greeting card with you and your partner.


Spa Day

Spa Day What could be better during the cold, winter season than a warm, toasty spa day? There are some places that have great packages for couples that include meals, wine, and more. Also, at the Hershey Hotel in Pennsylvania you can get a chocolate spa, tasty!


Winter Sports

Winter Sports Hockey and basketball are big winter sports, plus they are both played indoors! So, whether you are a fan of a major league or have a local team you like to support, this would make a great date idea for a cold winter’s night.

What are some date ideas you have planned for cold nights this season? Do you have any of these date ideas for cold nights in mind?

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