7 Romantic Ideas for Fall Dates That You and Your Sweetie Will Love ...


7 Romantic Ideas for Fall Dates That You and Your Sweetie Will Love ...
7 Romantic Ideas for Fall Dates That You and Your Sweetie Will Love ...

Some of the best ideas for fall dates are really easy to do! From moonlight picnics to haunted houses, you’re sure to have a fun time with your man! This year, make yourself a fall date bucket-list and see how many weekend dates you can do. These fun ideas for fall dates will definitely give you memories you’ll never forget!

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Moonlight Picnic

If you’ve watched as many rom-coms as I have, you know one of the cutest ideas for fall dates involves a picnic under the stars. Go to your local park and pick the coziest spot to lay your blanket! Parks always have this feel-good vibe about them because it brings you back to your childhood days! You and your date will be in a light-hearted mood and the scenery is romantic without even trying. Plus, a picnic basket full of yummy snacks can never go wrong. You’ll find lots to talk about under those shiny stars! He might even be taking you to this moonlight picnic to show you the star he bought and named after you! Or does that only happen in the movies?


Apple Picking

Every year, I make it a priority of mine to go apple picking! It’s just a really fun experience and I always feel like such a child because of how much I love going on the hay rides! Whoops. Apple picking is one of the nicest ideas for fall dates because it such a stress-free environment. Plus, imagine all the awesome pictures you and your date can take with that scenery!


Halloween Haunted House

Halloween season is already over but I sure hope you and your sweetie held hands in a haunted house! One of the oldest tricks in the book is to pretend you’re scared of something. I guarantee you, your man will be quick to wrap his arms around you! Nothing makes a man want to pretend to be Superman like seeing his girlfriend afraid of something! It’s so cute to see how hard they’ll try to make you feel safe again! Have you used this trick before?


Go to a Football Game

No matter what season we’re in, guys always make it a priority to keep up with their favorite teams. That doesn’t mean you should sit it out every time he gets his buddies together to watch a game! Your guy would love seeing how much effort you put into doing things he loves to do! Pack some snacks, and surprise him with tickets to the next game. Seeing him have fun will make you have so much fun too! You’ll get major points for that.


Go to the County Fair

I haven’t done this yet, but it’s definitely on my fall bucket list! County fairs are apart of every romance movie but let’s face it, the scene in The Notebook takes the cake. I know I can’t be alone in wishing I could live that whole county fair experience! Ferris wheels, stuffed animals, and cotton candy?! It sounds too perfect. County fairs are a great place for group dates! The more the merrier, right?


Quiet Night at Barnes & Noble

Are you and your sweetie a couple of bookworms? Barnes & Noble would be such a cute date for you! B&N is totally my happy place, so having a relaxing night there is one of my favorite things to do! A fun thing to try would be to pick out books you think the other would like! It makes you really think about what you know about their interests! When you’re done, enjoy a yummy chocolate chip frappe from Starbucks!


Movie Marathon

What's better than being able to cuddle? Grab some of your favorite movies, pop some popcorn and enjoy your night! If you want to sneak your way closer to him, pick some scary movies. He'll love that you go to him when you're scared! If you want something cool and relaxed, try some rom-coms. Don't forget to throw in an action movie at one point! If not, he'll probably fall asleep after the third Rachel McAdams movie!

That wraps up the list for romantic fall date ideas! You and your man will always have a good time if you’re together so use these ideas as a guide to spice things up! Have you gone on any of these fall dates?

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