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Online dating is one hot topic in the world right now, but before you jump in head first, I’d like to give you a head's up on some types of guys you’ll meet when you start online dating. My mom actually met my stepdad through an online website, and he’s one of the best people I’ve ever known in my life. They’ve been together for almost 5 years now, and though he’ll never be my dad, I’m grateful my mom didn’t meet any creeps out there! Through her experience, I learned a lot about different types of guys you’ll meet on online dating websites. I also know people through former jobs that have dated people online, and there were always the same kinds of guys, no matter what website the online dating service involved. If you’ve got the guts to try online dating, good for you! Just be sure to have a head's up on the kinds of guys you’ll meet online so you can get to the right one much more quickly!

1. The Profile Pro

One of the most popular types of guys you’ll meet on dating sites is the one who really spiffs up his profile. It will look like he spent as much time doing it as he hopefully spent on a resume, and might even sound like something out of a dating ad in a newspaper. This guy may be a good guy, but he could also be the kind who just wants to put on a good front to hide other things about himself. If his profile sounds like he’s selling a car instead of telling you about himself, think twice before seeking him out first.

The Long Distance Guy


I met my fiancé online.
I've just met someone through plenty of fish. Seems really sweet bought me flowers and he calls me sweetie. Defo sounds like one of your profiles lol. Taking it slow at the moment but who knows where it will go
I met my current boyfriend on Plenty of Fish :) turns out he works with my dad and they're good friends, so we connected right away. We've been dating for a year now, and we're living together :)
Isabella Coles
Before i met 'the right one' i talked to many guys, take the pushover, the ladies man, and the comedian for example.. I remember one super chatty guy and found him really annoying! Be careful on the o...
The last one fits my boyfriend, we started talking a week before he went off to boot camp. Then he asked me through a letter <3 6 months and still going!
Lady Sith
Actually I met someone from a site called okcupid that I actually definitely had a super connection with it could just however be that we were both addicted to Star Wars and magic the gathering/online...
I wouldn't want to end up meeting with my dad, like I heard someone else did. I don't trust online dating & there's other ways that'd I'd consider to be safer.
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