7 Things to Love about Dating an Older Man ...


7 Things to Love about Dating an Older Man ...
7 Things to Love about Dating an Older Man ...

Dating an older man is a bit of a tweak to the normal dating realm. I happen to be an expert on this because I did date an older man – and married him a year later. Since we have been blissfully happy for ten years with a ten year age difference between us, I feel pretty qualified to offer you my expertise here. I know all the little secrets about dating an older man.

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He Knows Who He is

There is no identity crisis going on here, ladies. When you are dating an older man, be prepared to be in awe of his confidence. He has been around long enough to know who he is and what he stands for. This is amazingly sexy. A nice side effect is that his confidence will begin to rub off on you.


An older gentleman is less likely to play the guessing games of youth, bringing a calm stability to the relationship that you might find refreshing. His established sense of self means less drama and more harmony. Be prepared to witness a man who stands firm in his beliefs and visions for life, work, and love. You'll appreciate the way his conviction effortlessly inspires personal growth and self-assurance in your own life. Embrace the opportunity to grow individually while also building a solid foundation together.


He Knows Where He’s Been

If he is older than you, then chances are he has had more experiences than you have with life and love. He has had the opportunity to learn and grow from his mistakes. You will reap the rewards of all of those valuable life lessons he has been through. You don’t have as much to teach him and you may even have a little to learn. More than likely, he can give pretty good advice, too.


He has a depth of perspective that is invaluable in a relationship. His experiences have not only shaped him into the man he is today, but they can also help guide you through your own life's journey. Whether it’s navigating career changes, family matters, or just choosing the right wine for dinner, his wisdom is a treasure trove you've got exclusive access to. And don't be surprised if he's a romantic at heart; after all, he's had more time to understand the importance of cherishing a partner.


He Knows Where He’s Going

An older man has been through all of the young years of his life and is done with roaming and rambling days. He likely has a plan laid out for his life. He most likely has goals he is aspiring to reach. He has likely got his career headed in the direction he wants it going. He may even have goals in his personal life such as knowing what he wants out of a marriage or having a dream vacation he is working toward.


Has Financial Security

Because he is older, he has had time to gain financial security. It takes time to become settled in life. If he did make financial mistakes earlier in his life, he has probably learned from them. He most likely has a secure career that offers stability. He will probably have more disposable income that he can enjoy spending on you and time together. And in the possible event that your relationship heads in a more serious direction, you know you won’t have to deal with financial difficulties.


Older men often bring a sense of economic steadiness that can be comforting. His investments and savings typically reflect a lifetime of hard work, which can mean a more luxurious lifestyle and less stress about paying the bills. With a clearer financial horizon, there's room for spontaneity—impromptu vacations or fine dining become delightful possibilities rather than pipe dreams. If you have long-term aspirations, you'll find solace in knowing that financial woes are less likely to be an intrusive concern.


There is Something to Be Said for Chivalry

When you are dating an older man, you are kickin’ it old school. What I mean is that an older man is much more likely to be of an old fashioned nature and display the manners that so many men are lacking in this day and time. Older men will probably not only do things like hold a door open for you, but do things of a protective nature such as retrieve something you forgot out in the cold car. What woman doesn’t love it when a man shelters her? Although we like to take pride in our feminine independence, it is really nice when we don’t have to use it.


Older gentlemen often bring a level of courtesy and thoughtfulness that is refreshing in the modern dating scene. He’ll likely surprise you with gestures that go beyond basic etiquette, enchanting you with his attentiveness and care. He might take the time to warm up your car on a frosty morning or escort you with an umbrella under the rain. These acts of kindness create a feeling of being cherished, a rarity that makes dating him seem like you’ve stepped into a time-honored romantic film. It’s the sweet, protective measures that remind you, chivalry isn’t just a thing of the past.


He Wants to Give You the World

Older men tend to like to show their affection for women by giving them things. Because they are at a point in their life where they can afford to do this, they enjoy showering a woman they care about with gifts. Although most of us are not motivated by this fact, it is nice. All of us enjoy receiving gifts, don’t we? It is simply something that an older man enjoys doing.


This penchant for lavish gestures extends beyond material possessions; it signifies their desire to offer comfort and security. They want to see their partners happy and will go to great lengths to ensure their well-being. This generosity may also manifest in emotional support, advice, and sharing life experiences that enrich the relationship in many ways, creating a bond that is not just about physical or material affection, but one that nurtures the soul and personal growth as well.


You Get to Be Arm Candy

Ladies, I am going to just say it. One thing I love about being in a relationship with an older man is that I get to be his arm candy. No matter how bad of a hair day I feel I am having, I am going to look youthful on his arm. This isn’t just a one way street, either. More than likely the older man that you are dating is going to enjoy having you on his arm as much as you enjoy being there.

Dating an older man is different to dating someone close to your own age, but definitely has some positive aspects. What about you? Have you had positive experiences dating an older man? Have you found that these advantages proved true?

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I just started dating someone Much older. I was very interested in the article, looking for some reasons to continue. It was helpful. He is probably about 15-20 years my senior. Yikes. I will keep you posted. Going well right now-- slow and steady.

@Dedenne, Age shouldn't matter if he's attracted to you (and vice versa). Hope you have a great date!

Everything in this article is totally true! I love how there are a lot of women (more that I thought there were) that think just like me: age does NOT matter when there's love between a couple! It feels so reassuring!

Hits the mark. Thanks for bring do accurate and honest.

My Husband is 13 years older than I am, we’ve been married 22 years. What was refreshing was no games-he knew what he wanted in a long-term relationship and asked me if I was interested. What!?! No games? Plus most older men are over playing the field

My man is 15 yrs older and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I am dating a man 8 years older than me. We joke about him robbing the cradle and I call him my old man all the time, but, truth is. I love him and the age doesn't matter because he isn't a jerk like most younger guys are... I believe that as long as you're of age, then go for it... And I'm not a gold digger either....

dating a man 11 years older. its quite awesome!

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