6 Types πŸ“‹ of Men πŸ§” You Meet πŸ‘‹ at a Bar 🍹🍺 ...


There are so many types of men you meet in a bar. Do you have those nights that you just go to a bar with your friends and in the midst of all the drinking and the conversation you devote a couple of minutes simply to watch the people at the surrounding tables? Sometimes looking for a potential romantic interest or simply observing? If you have then you might have noticed the following types of men you meet in a bar.

1. The β€œI Love My Girlfriend so Much” Type

He will most likely sit at the table allowing no space between himself and his girlfriend. He will pay attention to very few things around him and he will spend his time kissing his girlfriend. Those types are the ones that prompt everyone around them to yell β€œget a room”. But this is only one of the types of men you meet in a bar.

The β€œI’m Single and Looking for the Next” Type
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