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9 Things Women Say do That Men Hate ...

By Konstantina

There are definitely some things that women say and do that men hate. Here is the thing about men. There are some things that women say and they think it’s not a big deal but in reality, they make men see red. They hate it when women do these little things. Let’s take a look at what they are so you can avoid them. Here teh things that women say and do that men hate that you should know all about.

1 Whatever You Say

To a woman, this is a way to stop an argument. In his ear it will sound like you are writing off whatever he says and you don’t want to hear him talk anymore. It annoys him very much. He prefers to hear what you have to say even if you are arguing. Plus, he knows you don’t mean it and that this argument will come back full force later.

2 Is She More Beautiful than Me?

Men absolutely hate this question because in their minds there is no right way of answering it. If he answers yes, women tend to get jealous and a fight is coming up. If he answers no, women tend to ask him to analyze it. Men prefer if you don’t ask questions like that.

3 Who do You like Anyway?

Women are known to change their minds a lot easier than men do. But if you are flirting with him and in the next two hours, you flirt with his friend he will get confused and angry. Men like to know that you are a woman who doesn’t change her mind every two minutes. Women that do change their minds easily are usually not a good fit for a potential long-term relationship, in their minds.

4 I’m Sorry, I Forgot

You are human. There might come a time when you forgot you were meant to meet him for coffee. But if you are doing it often he will get mad and he will think that you don’t care to appear on your date. A breakup won’t be far away after that. If you are forgetful by nature, make sure to put an alarm on your phone for your dates and don’t be late.

5 Overreacting

This is one of the things men absolutely hate. No one likes hysterics. Sure, if something major is going on you might overreact. But if you are overreacting because you broke a nail or because you saw some other woman in the club with the same dress, he will not enjoy it. They prefer calmness in their lives anyway.

6 What do You Want to do?

In general, men like to be in charge. But that doesn’t mean that they like to be the only one in the relationship who has new ideas and suggestions. Routine is one of the reasons so many relationships fall apart. Make sure to suggest new things to try with him and don’t wait for your man to do it all.

7 Gossip

Men gossip. If you hear anyone suggesting that only women like to gossip, they lie. But, men like to gossip with their friends. They hate it when their girlfriend gossips about anyone and anything that catches her attention.

8 Salads at the Restaurant

This one is one of the most common. Sure they like your good physique and they appreciate your body. But when you go out and he orders a complete meal and you only get a salad, they don’t like it. Men appreciate a woman who knows how to eat. So for that time, leave the salad aside and order something else.

9 Barbie Girl

Here is the thing. Men like it when you take care of yourself and your body and want to look beautiful when you see them. But they do not want to hear about it in detail. They don’t care how much you spent to get your nails done and for sure they don’t like to analyze with you the three hours you spent at the mall until you found that dress you liked so much. Don’t mention it to him, he doesn’t care.

These everyday questions and little things you do might sound perfectly normal to you but will make your man see red. Some things just annoy them. Make sure to avoid those little things and you and your relationship will be just fine.

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