What Men Say and What They Really Mean ...


What Men  Say and What They  Really Mean ...
What Men  Say and What They  Really Mean ...

Ever wondered what men say and what they really mean? Haven't we all. Sometimes in the communication between men and women, things get lost in the translation. And sometimes it is intentional. While dealing with men it is a good idea to know what they actually mean with some standard phrases they use. So keep reading to learn what men say and what they really mean.

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He Says, “I Will Call You Soon”, He Means “I Will Call when I Remember It”

When he says he will call you soon, your mind starts calculating what is his definition of soon and if it matches yours. This is not an exact science though. When he says that, he really means that he will call you when he remembers to call you and no, he won’t be counting down the hours to make sure he will call you between the time frame you have in your mind.


Understanding the male lexicon can sometimes feel like decoding a complex cipher. Ladies, if he casually throws out that he'll ring you up "soon," take it with a grain of salt. The word soon can be a flexible term in the mind of a man. It's not that he's intentionally trying to be evasive; it's that his mental timeline operates differently. His "soon" could range from a couple of hours to a few days. So, when he says he'll call, know that his intention is genuine, but his clock just ticks to the beat of its own drum.


He Asks “do You Have Plans for the Weekend?”, He Means “I Want to See You”

When he asks you if you have plans he secretly hopes that you will say you don’t because he actually wants to see you. If he had plans to do something that didn’t involve you, like meet with his friends, for example, he wouldn’t be asking. Be careful though, just because he wants to see you doesn’t mean that you should drop whatever plans you had this weekend to see him. You also have a life.


It's essential to listen between the lines when he probes about your weekend. He’s envisioning some quality time with you, maybe even setting the stage for a date. However, this subtle inquiry puts the ball in your court without putting him on the line for a direct invitation. Respect your existing commitments and boundaries; if you're interested and free, go ahead and pencil him in. But if not, don't be pressured. A healthy rapport involves mutual respect for one another’s time and space.


He Says “Nice Dress”, He Means “the View Would Be so Much Better if You Weren’t Wearing It”

To be fair, this is only a 50-50 chance. There are some men that will really pay attention to what you are wearing and will comment and appraise your sense of style. There are some others though that when they are looking at your clothes they are actually thinking how fast they can take them off of you and how much better your clothes would appear on the floor where he threw them after he relieved you of them. Don’t rush into making a decision on what he really means with the compliment though because that would lead to misunderstandings.


He Says “I Forgot to Call You”, He Means “I Forgot to Call You/I Was with My Friends or I Didn’t Want to Call You”

There are three possible scenarios in this case. First, it is possible that he forgot. Maybe he was otherwise occupied, and he simply forgot to call you at the time he said he would. Second, he might have been with his with his friends and he didn’t call. Let’s face it, you don’t want to interrupt your conversation with your friends to call someone if it is not something important either. The third and final option is the one it hurts the most - maybe he just didn’t want to call you. He might have wanted to take a step away from you or the situation between you.


He Asks “Are You Jealous?”, He Means “Score! You Want Me”

Sometimes the possibility of you being jealous gives a much-needed boost to his fragile male ego. He likes to know that you are a little bit possessive and jealous of other women around him. The keyword here is a little bit though. If you start being overly jealous of everything that moves, and you create a scene every time he talks with another woman he will be completely turned off.


He Asks “is This Your (male) Friend?”, He Means “Have You Ever Hooked up with Him?”

When you introduce him to another man and tell him he is your friend, he can't help but wonder if there was something between him and you at some point. Friendships between men and women are a complicated thing so the possibility that you just introduced him to one of your exes is there. If later, you found yourselves alone he might ask you outright about it.

These strange species we call men are complicated. They don’t always say what they really mean. Partly because they are afraid, other times just to check the situation without being entirely obvious about something. You need to remember though, these phrases are not always the case, there are exceptions. But maybe it will be helpful to you to understand what he really means sometimes.

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