Want to Know How to Get Someone Way out of Your League?


Don't you hate crushing on guys way out of your league? Well, you have to stop assuming that he'd never be interested in you, because with a bit of hard work and a lot of flirting, you could end up with the hottest guy in town. Here's how to get someone way out of your league:

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Not like Everyone else

If the guy you're crushing on is super attractive, he's going to have plenty of offers. That means you need to find a way to stand out from all of the other women who are trying to score a date with him. In order to do so, you need to be yourself. Pretending to be the type of girl you think he wants is a bad idea, because there are probably several other girls doing the same thing. The only way you'll stand out if you act differently than they do.


He's Only Human

Even though you consider your crush to be perfect, he's still a human being. You need to stop thinking so highly of him, because you don't want to freak yourself out and avoid approaching him altogether. If you're too terrified to talk to him, you're never going to end up dating him.


Know to Play Nice

If you let him know how you feel, but he turns you down, don't give up hope. Instead of lashing out and telling him what he's missing, try to remain friendly. When he sees that you still want to be friends, even though he won't date you, he'll realize you're not only interested in him for his looks. He might even change his mind about you, so never stop being nice.


Lessen the Lies

Don't lie about being a star athlete. Unless you're only looking for a one-night stand with him, he'll eventually find out about your lies. Life isn't like a romantic comedy, so he probably won't find your deception charming. He'll just break up with you and move on to the next girl.


Look beyond His Looks

He might be out of your league when it comes to looks, but you're probably superior when it comes to other things. Maybe you're smarter, more talented, or more athletic, so stop thinking of him as better than you. Whether or not he's out of your league is all about your perception.


Dress to Impress

Don't walk around half-naked in order to impress him. Just make sure that you always have your hair washed, your back straight, and your eyebrows on point. Not only will your impressive appearance attract him to you, but it'll help you feel more confident--and we all know that confidence is the key to getting what you want.


No More Negativity

Your negative thoughts can ruin your chances with him. If you tell yourself that he'll never like someone like you, you'll never end up with him. You need to start thinking highly of yourself. The more optimistic you are, the harder you'll try to get him, and the better your chances are of success.

Any guy would be lucky to have you, so be brave and ask your crush out. You can do it! Have you ever ended up with a guy you thought was way out of your league?

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You hit the nail on the head Denise ! Min you ,if he is very rich and married too then he really should be out of your league !

Thank you so much this helped a lot

Yes!!!@Denise!! 👏😘

Denise said it all

I agree Denise! If he doesn't accept you for who you are he's not a guy to go after.

Isn't that what this article is saying - be your best self?

I probably misunderstood, but I could have sworn this article is telling you to be nobody but yourself..😒

This is plain stupid! For ALL those single ladies out there - NO MAN IS EVER OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE! Go for it and be as brilliant as you are!

Well said Denise!

He might be out of your league when it comes to looks, --- @ joecya, I think triggered my negative response.. AND of course the title of the article. JFYI

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