Signs He Needs to Make His Way out of the Friend Zone ...


Signs He Needs to Make His Way out of the Friend Zone ...
Signs He Needs to Make His Way out of the Friend Zone ...

Would you like for the guy who is your friend to go from your friend to boyfriend? It can happen. It turns out that a lot of the best relationships started from a friendship. If you see any of these signs, there is a good chance that he could transition from friend to boyfriend.

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You Feel a Spark

Do you feel a spark when you are together? Sparks, chemistry or whatever you want to call it, the meaning is the same. If you feel it, and you think he feels it, it means that there is potential for him to go from your friend to boyfriend. The trick is figuring out if he feels it, too. Attraction can be one sided but sparks and chemistry are usually felt by both.


You Love Hanging out Together

If you love being together, that is a very good sign for you. If you hang out together out of boredom or if there is nothing else to do, that does not bode well for a future relationship. Does he only hang out with you when his guy buddies are not available? Or are you his first choice? This is a good sign that he could go from friend to boyfriend.


He is the First One You Want to Call

If he is the first one that you want to call when something major happens in your life, that is a sign that he could move into the role of boyfriend. Is he happy to hear from you? Does he act distracted or does he give you his full attention? If he is happy being the one you turn to in times of big news and events, that is a good sign, too. It is even better if he calls you first with his big news, as well.


He is a Good Listener

Is he a good listener? That is a good trait in a boyfriend. You want someone who cares about you and wants to hear what you have to say. Being a good listener is a sign that you care about someone. After all, you don’t listen well to those that mean nothing to you, do you?


He Makes You Laugh

If he makes you laugh, he could very well become a boyfriend. Guys like to make girls laugh. They will usually put out a lot of special effort to get that result. If he is putting that effort out, flirting may be just a step away. Be sure to reward him for his effort by letting him know his jokes amuse you.


He is Your Favorite Person

If he is just your favorite person, you may have a crush on him. This could be so even if you aren’t calling it that just yet. And the important part of this equation is if he feels the same way. Are you his favorite person? Has he ever said anything to make you think that?


If you constantly find yourself smiling just thinking about him and prioritizing his happiness and comfort often above others, it's a clear sign of your affection. Think about the moments you've shared; do they feel special and different compared with others in your life? Mutual appreciation is key, so try to gauge if his actions suggest he might feel the same spark. If there's a reciprocal connection, then it might be time for a heart-to-heart. Remember, the leap out of the friend zone begins with recognizing and responding to these sentiments.


You Are Getting Some Signals

There are other signals that you could be getting from him. They could range from very subtle to very open. The trick is to discern if that is what you want, too. You need to decide if you want him to move from friend to boyfriend before you move back in his direction. It is impossible to know how it could turn out. It could be absolutely wonderful, or not. That is simply the chance you take.

If you are seeing any of these signs, there is a good possibility that the guy you are good friends with could become your boyfriend. Has this ever happened to you? I would love to hear from you.

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I am getting these signs but he is always asking me about problems with girls - which I love - but this makes me think he doesn't want to go down bf route if he's interested in others? All my friends say we should but I don't know if I'm just hoping he likes me or whether he actually does? Any advice?

With exception to hanging out, what if all you said is true, but he has a gf!!! Help!!!

I met a guy, whom I used to be a ordinary friend in Facebook . When we met in a friendly date I called, I feel as if we have a sparks. In every conversations we had, I felt so comfortable with him. As well, I noticed he's always fond of making ma laugh. Then we started chatting, as he starts to returned in his country. Can he be a possible be a bf?? Help me. Thank u!

My best friend just became my boyfriend last night :) it's a wonderful thing

We've been talking for nearly 4 months, he's sweet & just love how he can be himself around me & that I don't mind. If I'm down he's there to comfort me, even at my littlest. When he calls, I get that bubbly feeling. Just to hear his voice makes my night. If it's gods perfect plan for this, I'm feeling blessed for how it's processing. We feel the same way & everyday just gets better. If it happens, it happens, if not, I have a great relationship with a guy who loves me for me. He's my homeboy, soulmate, friend:)

How often is to often to hang with a male friend I get all these signs and we text and see each other every single day!! We do everything together I have kids etc even going on a holiday together!

These are all great! Me and a friend guy just talked about this last night, and I think we are feeling the same way.

I decided to date a close guy friend of mine... Didn't work out. Ladies, think hard before making this decision cause now my best friend is a stranger

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