Warning Signs Your Relationship is over ...


Warning Signs Your Relationship is over ...
Warning Signs Your Relationship is over ...

Most of us would agree our last relationship was a disaster. However, there are a couple of things you surely noticed in a relationship that was real warning signs of your relationship’s downfall. Among all these tips on how to attract guys and girls, there are also many great tips you can discover by reading this article. How to know when your relationship is over and how to deal with the relationship troubles are questions many of us have wondered about - Here are a couple of signs your relationship is over or signs your relationship is ending.

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You Are Constantly Fighting

Once you realize there are more flaws in your partner than ever before that means you most likely stopped appreciating their good sides and you are no longer very attracted to them as a person. Once you get to this point, there is a high chance you will be basing your relationship on constant fights and all of the flaws you just started to see. Messy habits, laziness, and boredom are some of the many things most couples fight about if you are dealing with this… it might be that you two are no longer meant to be together at all. Love is about accepting someone’s flaws and loving them for who they are, if they make you feel bad, there is no reason for you to forcefully keep ongoing.


You Lack Communication

Conversations, good laughs, and long deep talks are vital signs of every successful relationship. If you are no longer sharing your ideas and thoughts, you will most likely end up lacking communication in your relationship. When your curiosity and goodwill fade away, there is nothing you are able to do to make it all come back.


You No Longer Care about Future Plans with Your Partner

Most people in a relationship have spoken about the future with their partner and in most cases; this type of conversation is usually rather enthusiastic. However, if you no longer discuss your future with your partner and you are having a hard time imagining them as a part of your future it might be that you two should give up on it all. Talking about your plans in the future such as kids and living in general are the things both people in a relationship should look forward to, if not, then it is all gone.


Your Sex Life is Nowhere as It Once Used to Be

Sex might not be the most important thing in the world, but in long-term relationships, sex is actually very important. If your sex life suddenly feels different and less passionate and you no longer have sex as you used to before there is a slight chance your partner and you are no longer able to emotionally open up and be yourself in front of one another. Sex is not just physical intercourse, it is a foundation of any relationship, without it, relationships feel as if they are stuck and do not last for very long.


Your Social Media Posts Reflect Your or Your Partners Desire to Be Single

Upon getting into a relationship, you might have noticed your partner and you are no longer very active on social media. However, if you end up using social media a lot meanwhile you are in a relationship, there is a chance you have a desire to be single. Posting heartbreaking quotes and quotes about sadness/life and love will often mean you are not really feeling great about yourself and your relationship. If your partner is constantly browsing through Facebook, liking pictures of other girls and chatting with strangers at all times, that too might mean they wish to be single.


You Have Gained Weight or Lost Weight

You might think it is impossible, but losing or gaining weight can often mean you are emotionally broken. If you suddenly notice your clothes no longer fit you as they used to before, sit down and ask yourself about your overall satisfaction, think of your life and your wellbeing. If your relationship prevents you from being happy, feel free to end it - it is not the end of the world if you end it and you will actually do a favor to yourself and your partner if you do.

Figuring all these tips out, you will no longer be asking yourself ‘’is my relationship over?’’ ‘’How do you know when a relationship is over?’’ - A relationship is not something only you yourself can end, at times; a relationship will end on its own, without you even realizing it! Some relationships are just meant to be ended, even when we do not very clearly feel that way.

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