15 Excitingly Obvious Signs It's a Good Relationship ...


15 Excitingly Obvious Signs It's a Good Relationship ...
15 Excitingly Obvious Signs It's a Good Relationship ...

What is a good relationship? I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for, but if you want a long-lasting, loving, and overall toe-tingling relationship, keep reading! Here are 15 excitingly obvious signs it’s a good relationship.

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You’re Both Respectful

You’re Both Respectful One of the easiest ways to tell what is a good relationship from what is not is respect. If you respect him, and he respects you, feel free to move forward. But if he’s disrespectful, or if you often feel less-than-respectful of him, it’s not a good, healthy relationship, and it won’t be later, either.


You’re Excited to See Each Other

You’re Excited to See Each Other When you’re in a good relationship, you both can’t wait to see each other… the time you spend apart is fine, but you really look forward to your time together. It might be hard to be away from your honey, but seeing them again after you've missed them makes it all worth it!


He’s Uplifting, Not Abusive — and so Are You!

He’s Uplifting, Not Abusive — and so Are You! When you’re in a good relationship, you’ll want to back your guy, highlight his strengths and fill in the gaps he might leave. He’ll do the same for you. What is a good relationship? One in which you build each other up, rather than tearing each other down.


There’s Real Chemistry

There’s Real Chemistry I know this is going to sound shallow, but one of the signs of a good relationship is a spark, some chemistry. I’m certainly not saying that sex is the most important thing, but let’s face it — it is important. If there’s no spark, then there’s a chance he’s more of a friend, and less of a boyfriend or potential husband.


You’re Honest with Each Other

You’re Honest with Each Other A good relationship cannot be built on lies, so unless you’re honest with him, and he’s honest with you, it’s not a good relationship. This includes big lies as well as smaller fibs… and if there’s anything you’re not sharing with him, now’s the time to start.


Neither of You Have Drama

Neither of You Have Drama It’s almost impossible to have a good relationship if one or both of you are bringing drama into the relationship, or if you have a load of it outside of the relationship. Before you can think about a good relationship, your own life has to be straightened out. It’s true!


You Add to Each Other’s Happiness, Not Create It

You Add to Each Other’s Happiness, Not Create It Let me say that again, in another way: if you’re not happy with your life, adding a man, no matter how wonderful he is, won’t help. You have to be happy in your life, and he has to be happy in his, or you won’t be able to help each other be happy.


You’re Enjoying the Moment, but Also Thinking of the Future

You’re Enjoying the Moment, but Also Thinking of the Future You absolutely do not have to think about the future, but if you find yourself thinking about your relationship down the road, that’s a very good sign. It’s yet another way to tell a good relationship from a bad or short-term one.


You Look out for Each Other

You Look out for Each Other When both partners look out for each other, they actively show that they care and give each other a sense of security. The combination of care and security has significantly positive effects on relationships because when you are completely sure that your partner has your best interests in mind, all sense of doubt and uncertainty disappears. Showing great care and dedication to your partner is a great sign that your relationship is healthy.


You Learn to Compromise

You Learn to Compromise In order for a relationship to work out, both partners have to learn to accept each other’s differences and to compromise during arguments. If your arguments are constantly unresolved and both sides are too stubborn, it shows that your relationship is at a very early stage and hasn’t reached a point of bliss. Once you learn to compromise during conflicts, you will know that you are both in a good place.


You Have Fun Together

You Have Fun Together No matter how long you have been together, you should always be able to say that you and your partner enjoy each other’s company and have fun. After all, your other half is your best friend and you should be able to share some of the happiest moments with him or her. If you can confidently say that every moment you spend with your partner, no matter what you are doing, is momentous and exciting, then you can consider it as a healthy relationship


No Excessive Reliance

No Excessive Reliance Although you should be able to rely on your other half for anything, you should also have independence from each other. No matter how good the relationship is, it shouldn't be the only significant relationship in your life. Both of you should be able to enjoy your social life with friends and family and do things that don’t involve both of you. So if you have interests and opinions outside of your relationship, you should consider it as a good sign!


Equal Power

Equal Power A good relationship should be equal in power, in dominance and no person should be the boss of the relationship. If one person takes control of the whole relationship and dominates it, then that leaves no room for the opinion of the other. Your relationship can definitely take a wrong turn if one person declares him or herself as a dictator and makes the decisions for both. A healthy relationship should consist of mutual decisions and equal input.


Support from Both Sides

Support from Both Sides Your partner doesn't have to like all of your opinions and actions, but you should know with confidence that you will always receive his or her support no matter what. After all, support is the main reason why any type of relationships exist, so it should be the most prioritized component of a good romantic relationship.



Stability One of the main characteristics of a healthy romantic relationship is stability. Both partners should know what to expect from their relationship and not have to be afraid of what is to come. If your romantic relationship is a stable constant in your life with no repeatedly negative surprises, you should be happy with where you stand with your partner!

So again, what is a good relationship? Everything on this list, and then whatever else matters to you! I really like books, so it wouldn't be a good relationship unless the guy is well-read. Which of these is an obvious sign you’re in a good relationship? Do tell!

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All 8 tips pretty much indicates with my relationship that its going very well just like the saying goes we can talk like best friends play like children argue like husband and wife and protect each other like siblings. Just glad I can find someone who I can be myself with

I have most of these..but the problem is my guy and i were not even in a relationship yet... were deff thinking about our future and were always happy to see eachother and we both really like eachother. He said that I'm his girl and that I'm his and stuff..but we live in diff towns so its hard. I have a feeling we're going to work though because we both really care about eachother and like eachother

I definitely think the sign number 8 is the obvious one (at least for me) I met my bf this year and we've been dating for almost 6 months, since the 17.05. Him and I we already thought about a future together. This is a really good sign a relationship if going well

8 Excitingly Obvious Signs It's a Good Relationship ... (via Twitter)

Hi! I would really appreciate it if I got some advice! There's this guy I've known for the past 6 months and talking and been friends with for the past 4 months. I made it really obvious that I liked him and I thought he liked me too with the way he talked to me and acted around me and texted me with hearts and telling me that he had a sexual dream about me. I was so sure and my friend told me he's going to ask me to prom. (he's a senior and I'm a junior) But he ended up asking my friend cause she didn't have a date and he didn't want her to go alone. (he is a really nice guy) I got upset at my friend and him and I started moving as far away as I could from him emotionally and ignoring him. In the beginning he didn't care or it seemed and then later during the end of the year I would constantly catch him staring at me it seemed like he was sad. When the school year ended.. I talked to one of my teachers and told her about everything and she told me to ask him what happened. When I asked him about prom, he said he was sorry and he didn't want my friend to go alone cause it's her senior year. I told him it's not about prom but the fact that I really liked him and he said he knew. I told him thanks heart breaker and he was like no don't say that I really felt bad. Today I talked to him and he told me about how girls hate him but I think he was just joking. lol I told him he's really ignorant and he said "noo i just can't get the one I like and it kills me" and I asked about her and he said it's cause she's a freshmen and mormon so she's not the legal age and she can't date till she's 16. I told him to wait for her and if she really likes him that she'll wait too. The last thing he texted me was "3 years or more?" and I said yes she will if she really likes you. He didn't text back so I texted again asking if he was alright and he still hasn't responded. I'm a senior next year and he's starting college... I want help. I don't want him to be heart broken or force him to like me I just want him to like me though cause I've liked him for so long and even after everything I still care for him. And he knows it too. What should I do in this situation? Thank You =]

Ohhh Wow! I am in a relationship enriched with just all of the above lovely points and there is more to addd... I love him deeply and he loves me. We are soul mate,talk about just anything and make other happy and cheerful all the time. I hope we remain like that forever even after marriage. Nice article

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