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Important Reasons Why You Shouldn't Bypass Foreplay ...

By Sici

Sometimes, when you finally manage to carve out the time for some lovemaking with your partner, it can be tempting to just get down to the nitty-gritty of things without much ceremony, but if you do that too often, you will be missing some of the best and most intimate parts! Foreplay might not be the main event for most people, but it should be seen as a necessary prelude for pretty much every sexual encounter that you get to enjoy. I am standing here, if front of you now, determined to reignite the popularity of foreplay for all! Here are just a few of the many reasons why you shouldn’t bypass foreplay.

1 Builds a Better Climax

The more attention you pay to the start of your sexual encounter, the better your orgasm will be at the end of it. You should be doing everything that you can to stimulate as much of your partner as possible, and he should be doing the same for you. The more sensation you can evoke before the big O comes along, the more satisfied you will be.

2 Get to Know Likes and Dislikes

There isn’t much nuance in simple penetration and it’s more likely that you will be able to find out the likes and dislikes of your partner through exploring foreplay. There is so much more you can do with foreplay than with the ‘proper act’, so it’s a fun and erotic way to work out what you really like, and it’s also a way for you to get to know what it is that you don’t enjoy.

3 Increases Intimacy

It sounds silly to say it considering what the act involves, but very often, plain penetrative sex can feel distant and detached. With foreplay, however, there is so much more intimacy involved. You have to get more up and close and personal with your partner, and it really enhances your connection with them.

4 Freedom to Explore

There are so many things that you can during foreplay, the list is longer than my arm! It’s a great way to explore your body and your partner’s body. You never know, you might discover some new things along the way. When you think about it, there isn’t much left to discover when it comes to penetration!

5 Can Be Its Own Thing

Don’t be fooled into thinking that foreplay is something that has to only happen in preparation for sex. Some people exclusively enjoy foreplay without ever wanting to have penetrative sex, and that is totally cool. You might not be in the mood to go all the way, but that is what is so great about foreplay acts, you can go as far as you want to whilst still feeling pleasured and satisfied!

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