7 Ways to Communicate with Your Love ...


When it comes to love, communication and connection are key to a successful relationship. How do you keep the two Cs intact year after year? Follow guest contributor Stephanie Green's guidelines for a happy, loving, everlasting relationship!

When you are in love it seems like the feeling will never fade away. However over time, the first blush of romance does seem to ebb and you are left with a person, fallible and fragile. This loss of β€˜rose colored glasses’ spells the doom for many romances; however you can bring back the love. Love is a conscious decision, not a feeling, and it requires upkeep. The best way to rekindle love in your relationship is through communication. Connecting with your partner is the cornerstone to having the kind of loving relationship you both desire. Here are seven ways you can communicate, and connect, with your love:

1. Physical Touch

Since this is one of my personal favorites, I will start with this first. While you may think about sex right off the bat this method of communication is much more than that. Although sex is a physical way to communicate your love, everyday touches are very important as well. Holding hands, giving a massage, or just touching your love’s leg as you drive are all ways to communicate physically with them. Some people do not like to be touched like this but many people do. Regardless of your personal comfort level with touch, you can make certain to let your partner know they are loved through physical touch. Even a pat on the back or sitting shoulder to shoulder can make a big impact on how loved they feel and how loving you feel towards them.

Eye Contact
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