3 Ways to Get a Cheater ๐Ÿ˜ฑ to Stop ๐Ÿ›‘ Cheating ๐Ÿ’” ...

Ever cheated on your partner? Are you looking for ways to get a cheater to stop cheating?

Ever had someone cheat on you?

How does it feel?

For my lady friends (and enemies too), if your partner is cheatingโ€ฆ I have three pieces of advice. Here are the ways to get a cheater to stop cheating.

1. Ask Yourself, โ€œWhy is He Cheating in the First Place?โ€

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I highly doubt heโ€™s cheating โ€œbecause of some other woman.โ€ A person is less likely to cheat when they are in a strong and healthy relationship. If your relationship is strong and healthy, you probably wouldnโ€™t have a cheating partner. This question is one of the best ways to get a cheater to stop cheating.

2. Ask Yourself, โ€œWhat Can I do to Strengthen My Relationship?โ€

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Focus on ways you can make your relationship stronger. Make your relationship better. Find ways to improve it. Do everything you can to make yourself desirable and magnetizing. He should want you naked, not her. But donโ€™t fall into the trap of asking questions. Which leads to the third point.

3. Never Ask Questions about the Other Woman

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Whether you know it or not, asking about the other woman will not improve your situation in any way. Curing your curiosity will do just that, it will answer your questions, but it wonโ€™t change anything, it wonโ€™t make anything any better. Furthermore, if he answers your questions, it will not make him feel guilty, it will actually bring him relief. The last thing you want to do is provide a cheater any form of relief. He should feel guilty about it. Diminish the other woman by making her seem like a nobody. Give her no time of your day. Donโ€™t compare yourself to her.

Do these three things and youโ€™ll know when youโ€™re successful because the other woman will disappear. Your partner will make you his one and only, he will choose to remove the third-wheel on his own. And he will do so without feeling like heโ€™s merely following your orders.

Strengthen, strengthen, strengthen, until the other person fades away. Then you wonโ€™t only have his body, but youโ€™ll have his mind and his heart too.

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