12 Ways to Know if It's Time to Move in with Your Significant Other ...


12 Ways to Know if It's Time to Move in with Your Significant Other ...
12 Ways to Know if It's Time to Move in with Your Significant Other ...

I'm here to share with you 12 ways to know if it's time to move in with your significant other. Living with someone is a very serious and big step in a relationship. Make sure it is not a rash decision and seriously thought out. The fantasy of playing house is always extremely appealing, but not always the reality. The following are 12 ways to know if it's time to move in with your significant other.

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You Love the Person

This is probably the most important way to know if its time to move in with your significant other. If you don't love the person and the other person loves you, make sure you clarify you aren't ready to move in. If you both have a mutual love for each other be open and talk about it. When you love each other the little things that bother you are less likely to be a big deal.


You Plan on a Future with Them

Do not move in with someone unless you see a future with them. If marriage and a family isn't in your future or even just being together forever, hold off on moving in together. Breaking up while living together is an extremely messy and emotional situation. Even more emotional than your average dumping.


You Spend Almost Every Night Together

When you both are having a slumber party every night it is definitely time to consider moving in together. The amount of time you spend with each other is a clear indicator on how getting a place is not an obscure idea. Skip the gas mileage and start thinking about bed shopping.


It's Financially do-able

Make sure when looking for a place, you aren't over extending yourself financially. I'm sure your man would like to take care of you and pay for you which is of course sweet, but truthfully I have witnessed experiences where a lot of resentment starts to build. Split fifty-fifty, split seventy-thirty, either way contributing financially is extremely important.


You Aren't Using Them as a Rescue

This relates to the previous tip. Make sure if you are financially struggling you aren't just using a guy to rescue you. It is not fair to him or to you. I know sometimes the Prince Charming idea is pleasant but reality is you will have so much more self esteem and pride in being able to support yourself then being with someone just for money. Also, this goes the other way too. Don't be a rescuer to a guy. Don't let someone mooch off you because you have a lovely set up for yourself.


They Know You inside and out

Being in a relationship is a journey. It takes time to get to know the other person. Before you move in with someone make sure you both know everything about each other. You don't want to find any skeletons in the closest once you make that commitment of living together.


You're Willing to Be Completely Vulnerable

Girls, we all know how uncomfortable it is to be purely yourself in front of your guy. It takes time to rock the no makeup, comfy clothes, hair on top of your head look. Think about when you have the flu, I mean no one needs to see that! I love my alone time because I don't have to worry about how I look or what I do. Make sure you are willing to put down all walls with your partner before you move in together. That way you will be comfortable around each other once you take that next step.


You Have Mutual Trust and Respect for Each Other

This is really important because with out trust and respect all you're going to be doing is bickering for unnecessary reasons. Every one lives their home life differently. Make sure you don't judge someone for wanting to relax on the couch instead of clean the dishes. We all have moments where we just want space and alone time. One of my best friends has a "give me five" rule with her husband where at any moment if in a fight or just walking in the door, the moment those three words are said the other person has to just respect it and give their partner space.


Don't Let It Be a Surprise

Make sure moving in together is not a surprise! It is important to have long discussions about it and plan ahead. Do not come home one night to boxes packed and a new key waiting for you.


You Guys Have Compromises about Each Other's Annoyances

By now, you guys should be clear about what little things annoy each other. When it comes to relationships we either learn to accept those nuances or not. If not then I would definitely not move in with your significant other, let alone be with them. Relationships are all about compromise so you have to give a little to get a little. Make sure you stay very open about all those things. Otherwise, your alternative is bottling everything inside and then blowing up which is always a worse scenario.


If It Came down to It

Moving in with someone you love should not be a situation that would happen if it came down to it. Settling is not okay. It's not healthy or fun. Moving in with your boo should be an exciting adventure, not a chore!


Know the Family

If you are moving in with someone and you haven't even met their family yet, this is a big warning sign. It shows they may not be that serious about a future with you. It's also important to know what you are getting into because once you share a space, family comes around more often than you think!

The previous 12 ways to know if it's time to move in with your significant other I hope cleared up any questions you had in your head. The key things to remember is you love each other, you are clear on what you are getting into, and you don't plan on being with anyone else. If there is any ounce of doubt in your head don't jump into it. And don't be afraid to say no if you are asked to move in with your partner. If they can't respect that, then maybe you needed to see they aren't the person you should be with!

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I love living with my bf! We are both 25 and the timing was right when we decided to do it. The transition was easier for him, b/c I had to leave my DT Charleston, SC townhome. But I would do it again! Living together allows a lot more small dates, so we encourage each other to take time for ourselves and our friends. Keep it special, hold hands while watching tv, and go grocery shopping together. Little sweet things add up. It helps the relation ship last longer. Bonne chance!

Moving in together is a buyer beware situation in my mind. My boyfriend and I lived together for two years, had all the ducks in a row so to speak and all of a sudden he decided he couldn't handle the financial stuff anymore and bailed. We're still together but no longer living together. It's hard to move on from.

I luv my boy very much bt sadly im gonna haver to wait untill we get older and legally marry then only i can live with him :( such a loooong wait :'(

Hmmmmmmm will I ever be ready to move in with him? *Thinking

Woops i meant "skeletons out of the closet" haha i must live in a shoebox!

All was well when I moved in with my bf...6 months later I was back at home with my parents. Have a serious think about who the person really is first.

I've wanted to move in with my boyfriend since we started going out.. And that's 3 years ago now! What does the phrase "cleaning the skeletons out" mean?

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