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7 Signs You Are Ready to Move in with a Long Distance Boyfriend ...

By Merarri

The signs you are ready to move in with your long distance love usually become evident as the relationship becomes more serious. If you are no longer capable of being in a long distance relationship, it may be time to take the next step in your relationship. You may be considering moving to his state or even to a foreign country but are unsure if you are ready. If you are considering this major life change, I’m going to reveal 7 signs you are ready to move in with your man.

1 Ready for Daily Life

The thing with long distance relationships is that your boyfriend usually only sees you when you are primped and Hollywood gorgeous either during visits or on webcam. If you feel you are comfortable and okay for your man to see you without makeup, in granny panties and sweats because you have nothing else clean to wear and with greasy hair - it’s a good sign you are ready to move in with your boyfriend. And if you are ready to tackle his tendency to be a complete slob or his inability to cook, take the plunge ladies.

2 Financially Secure for a Big Move

If your man lives thousands of miles away from you, ask yourself if you are financially ready to move so far away, and although I hate to say this, but are you financially secure enough if things between you and your man go sour? Ladies you always want to have a plan B in place so you are always prepared for the worst. You want to do everything possible so that you aren’t financially dependent on someone else. It is best if you can secure yourself a job in the area he lives so that you always have cash coming in for bills and other necessities.


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3 Emotionally Ready to Leave

If your man lives thousands of miles away from you, ask yourself if you are emotionally ready to say goodbye to your friends and family. Many girls get severe feelings of homesickness once they move because they miss everything they have ever known (which is natural) but some can’t handle it. If you think of moving as a big adventure rather than a sad goodbye to your old life, it may be time to book that one-way plane ticket. On the other hand if you aren’t prepared to deal with the emotional side of leaving your current place, you can end up resenting your man.

4 Support Network in Place

The current people around you such as your mom, aunt, siblings and your friends make up your support network. Usually you spend a lot of time with circle of people because they are there for you during the good and bad times. The last thing you want is to move to a foreign country where you don’t know a soul because it can lead to severe feelings of loneliness and depression. If you have visited his state or country enough that you have a new network of friends and have scheduled activities or classes once you move there, it’s a sign that you may be prepared to take the big step.

5 Career Goals

Consider your career goals. It is a good idea to move to his area if it will advance your career or because it will lead to an increase in salary. Ask yourself if you are okay with taking a severe pay cut or a demotion from your current position because that may occur. Some ladies are fine with a career setback and others resent sacrificing their career goals. The last thing you want is to harbor resentment because this move hindered your career goals. If you have thoroughly considered the effect a big move will have on your career, maybe its time to move in with your man.

6 Wedding Bells in the Future

Another great sign that its time to move in together is if you both see wedding bells in the future. If your relationship is serious enough that you are comfortable talking about marriage and kids, give moving in a shot. Living together can help you determine if your man is marriage material. And if you are looking for a permanent commitment from your guy, he probably won’t propose until he tries out living with you.

7 You Can’t Get Enough of Each Other

One of the biggest signs you should try living with your long distance man is that you want to be together all the time online or on your cell. If neither of you are satisfied with daily text messages, web cam sessions and Skype dates, maybe you need to bridge the distance between the two of you. If you want to be with your man as much as possible and the feeling is mutual, give living together a chance. Regardless of how strong your relationship is, there comes a time when a long distance relationship has to end or it will eventually die.

Moving to a different state or a foreign country is a big step in anyone’s life and it can definitely be scary. But if this is someone you can see in your future, don’t let fear stop you. So ladies do you have other signs you are ready to move in with your man that you can share with the rest of us?

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