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Love Language 7 Ways to Love Someone by Receiving Gifts ...

By Marie

Ready for some ways to love those with a Receiving Gifts Love Language? Loving your partner is easy, but loving your partner in a way that he/she feels loved is a little trickier. Dr. Gary Chapman has developed the 5 love languages: Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. These different categories are the ways that each person expresses and receives love. If one’s love language is Receiving Gifts they express their love through gifts and feel most loved when they are treated with meaningful gifts that show they are cared for. Here are 7 ways to love those with a Receiving Gifts Love Language.

1 Surprise Him on a Tuesday

Surprise gifts, no matter how small, are a sign that your partner is constantly thinking about you. So surprise your partner on a Tuesday or another day of the week to truly show him that you care. This is truly one of the greatest ways to love those with a Receiving Gifts Love Language.

2 Grab Them Something at the Target Dollar Section

The Target dollar section is a dream and a great way for you to buy something to surprise your partner while you are on a budget. There are so many different items in this section that will show your partner you care for him.

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3 Buy Him Flowers

Surprising him with flowers at home or at his office is a great and romantic way to show your partner that he is your number one. On a budget? Pick flowers in the springtime and give your partner a bouquet of wildflowers.

4 Buy Him Food

Food is a great way to anyone’s heart. Pick up the bill or surprise your partner with a meal or a snack to show that you care about his needs and that you know him enough to know what he would want to eat.

5 Buy Him Something on His Wish List

Does your partner repeatedly talk about a certain game, book, pair of shoes, basketball team, etc.? Find a way to have the ability to splurge and provide your partner with this extra special gift to cater to his love language.

6 Allow Him to Use Your Netflix

Netflix, Hulu, or another monthly service can get excessive on a budget. So pick up the tab for your partner and show that you care about him and that you want the relationship to last.

7 Buy Date Night Clothes or an Experience

Splurge on a special outfit for your partner for date night or an experience that you plan to take your partner out. Splurging on something special for your partner will make him feel like you are putting the relationship as your top priority.

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