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Love Language 7 Ways to Love Someone with Words of Affirmation ...

By Marie

I've got some great ways to love those with a Words of Affirmation Love Language. Loving your partner is easy, but loving your partner in a way that he/she feels loved is a little trickier. Dr. Gary Chapman developed the 5 different love languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, and Acts of Service. These 5 categories symbolize the way that everyone expresses and receives love. Using love languages we can eliminate some bad communication and make your partner feel secure in love. Words of Affirmation means that you feel most loved and you express your love through the use of your words. Here are 7 ways to love those with a Words of Affirmation Love Language.

1 Say I Love You Loud and Often

Love is something special, and love should be shouted and shared openly. Telling your partner you love him should be something you say often and proudly. In this way, he truly feels loved. Saying it loud and proud is one of the best ways to love those with a Words of Affirmation Love Language.

2 Reaffirm Your Assurance That You’re There for the Long Run

Tell your partner about your desires as a couple in the future or that you can see him in your future. Talking openly about the future will affirm to your partner that you want to make this work.

3 Tell Him You Are Proud of Him

Support is crucial to partners with this love language. Supporting your partner and telling him that you are proud of his achievements and actions is crucial to making him secure in your love.

4 Compliment His Appearance

Whether it’s a new haircut or outfit, telling your partner that he is sexy will affirm his belief that you are emotionally invested in him.

5 Tone and Attention While Talking to Your Partner

Make eye contact and use a sincere tone when communicating and complimenting your partner. This will cement in your partner's mind that you are truly invested and believe the words you are speaking.

6 Express Ways in Which You Did Wrong Sincerely

There are mistakes made in every relationship, big or small. Communicating with your partner sincerely about these transgressions will allow your partner to see your side and be affirmed that you care what he thinks of you.

7 Listen and Respond

When your partner speaks, really and truly listen to what he says. When you listen and respond you will exhibit quality attention and words of affirmation to your partner. This communication will improve your connection and will relieve your partner’s anxiety that you do not care for him.

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