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Does it seem as if you’re partner is detached lately? Maybe you feel some distance in your relationship or sense a bit of tension between you. If that’s the situation you’re in, there are ways to deal and get your relationship back on track. These are 7 strategies to help you reconnect with a detached partner.

1. Ask What’s up

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You can’t neglect the most obvious solution. Ask your partner what’s up with them. Are they dealing with a lot of stress at school, work or in their friendships? They may or may not be ready to talk, but at least you’ve let them know you care. Leaving the door open for communication is important in a relationship.

Let Them Know They’re in Your Heart


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I know how you feel
@Valerie Brandt hey
Valerie Brandt
I have been reading everything that I can get my hands on. I know he loves me, but he has this compulsion to hide stuff from me. Why, when he can see it is causing problems?
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I'm going threw the same thing with my husband his depressed all the time, and very self centered about his wants and needs no matter who he steps on. He took off to fed his addiction instead of going to an interview that we desperately need him to provide
Charlie louise Hall
I try and do these things and suggest them to always be knocked down he wants my full attention but doesnt want to live life at all i ended up not leaving the house pretty much for 2 years. I suggest ...
peony blue
yes men are a total different species. The best way is to leave them.beboe take it slowly but doesn't give the situation so much importance because men feel like they r under the radar and then they claim up. Watch and wait I suppose.
I try all of these and more but doesn't work
Zelig Martina
Point 6 👌🏼Thanks!
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