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There are many ways to say I love you. My husband proved that to me starting at our courtship and up to this very moment. Love language takes on several forms, and expressing your love to your significant other is a matter of preference. Taking inspiration from my husband, here are seven ways to say "I love you" without constantly saying those three words.

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Writing Love Letters

One of the many ways to say "I love you" is writing your special someone love letters. Not many people do it in this day and age. It doesn't have to be handwritten. The good thing about modern technology is that you can open a Word document and start pouring your heart out as fast as your fingers can type. Save that love letter and send it to your loved one’s email address. My husband wrote me love letters almost every day and I currently have more than 400 letters in my inbox from him.


Washing Dishes

I know washing dishes is huge ordeal. It is to me. I hate washing dishes. I hate soaping them. I hate having to rinse them and wipe them and stack them in the rack. I just hate it. So when my former boyfriend did it for the first time when he visited my apartment, I knew I would marry him. My husband knew that my hands are already full in taking care of the kids. He is also drowning in so much work and yet, he finds time for washing dishes. That tells me a lot about what he feels for me.


Doing the Laundry

Doing the laundry is my favorite, an exact opposite to washing dishes. The washer and the dryer are my two best friends in our home because they make my life so much easier. Sorting colored clothes from the white ones is not at all complicated but I have so much things to do including changing diapers, washing milk bottles and feeding the twins that sometimes I forget about the laundry. Often times, it’s my husband who picks up my poor performance in the dirty clothes department. I appreciate it every time he tells me, "Babe, laundry is done." To me, it’s the same as saying "Babe, I love you."


Giving Her "Me Time"

"Here is cash. Go to the salon and pamper yourself." How many women wish to hear that from their partners? I am one blessed woman because my partner tells me that almost every week especially in the height of my frustration when one child pulls my hair so hard that I cry. "Me time" is very productive for our relationship because my husband is giving me time to grow as a person while living our life together. That’s love!


Having Food Delivered at Home

I dare say that food is the antidote to all problems. Several times, the delivery guy rings on our doorbell and when I open the door, I can smell pizza. I want to give him – the delivery guy, yes – a hug for making me happy. But kidding aside, I always end up giving my husband a big hug and a sweet kiss on the lips every time he has food delivered at home. That means two things: (1) I don’t need to cook; and (2) I am not paying for the meal.


Running Errands Such as…

…doing the groceries, buying milk and diapers, paying the electric bill. All these done without being told? That’s love alright. I cannot overemphasize how much time is being eaten up when you do all these things not to mention the effort exerted to make them possible. So when dear Lovey Dovey takes the initiative to carry these out, be sure to reward him or her graciously.


Doing His or Her Assignment

I study…a lot. Sometimes too much. At some point in my nerdy life, I was studying for a teaching certificate course while juggling two full-time jobs. As you can imagine, I was overwhelmed with tasks to accomplish. I had to these to accomplish the following day: five essays for school, a program plan of action for Work No. 1 and a special report for Work No. 2. I didn’t know where to start. My husband helped me out by working on the five essays even when he was also busy with work. The essays helped me land me five straight As. Because of that, I married him. Ha!

Get creative in expressing your love to your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or family member. You don't need Valentine’s Day to come to say "I love you" and you don’t have to spend for flowers or chocolates to make them feel special. Simple acts of selflessness and kindness go a long way to make a person feel loved. How about you? How do you express love to your significant other?

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anyone can have my husbad because he ain't shit.

Some good stuff in here but it is pretty much only Acts of Service oriented. Not so helpful for other languages of love. And um, someone ELSE doing the essays? Enough said.

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