7 Ways to Set up Your Friends if You Think They'd Be Great Together ...


Some people are dead set against setting up their friends, but if you can think of two people you know would be perfect for each other, seriously do not hesitate to use these ways to set up your friends. Depending on your social circle, you probably have tons of friends with similar interests to each other, or you are like me and have many different friends, all of whom are completely different with different interests. Whichever circumstance fits your lifestyle, everyone comes into contact with many different people on a weekly basis and if you know a lot of great people who are single, why not think of the many ways to set up your friends? Everyone is searching for love at some point, so if you can help, why not make the search a heck of a lot easier by playing matchmaker between friends?!

1. Blind Date

While some people despise these encounters, others simply thrive on them, so when brainstorming how to be a matchmaker between friends, definitely consider setting them up on a blind date. And make sure it’s completely blind! Do not show either party a picture of the other person and provide very vague physical descriptions. Blind dates put both people on the same playing field and they allow your friends to initially be interested in each other purely on character traits and qualities. If you have reservations about it, don’t think twice. If worse comes to worst, your friends will end up meeting someone completely new and different, and we all should be open to new things these days anyway.

Double Date


@Jessica, just be yourself, start of just by saying like how are you? And then if the conversation isn’t going anywhere just be yourself and talk about things u both like like the music u were talki...
I want to set up to of my friends, they both know eachover rlly well and they both have a crush on the other. I have parents ppl up before but this time it is harder and I did it once and I had a big ...
My friend wants to me to meet one of her boyfriend's good friends. She says we're both really funny and like the same music. Im nervous about how to act when we meet. Got any tips?
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