7 Ways to Set up Your Friends if You Think They'd Be Great Together ...


7 Ways to Set up Your Friends if You Think They'd Be Great Together ...
7 Ways to Set up Your Friends if You Think They'd Be Great Together ...

Some people are dead set against setting up their friends, but if you can think of two people you know would be perfect for each other, seriously do not hesitate to use these ways to set up your friends. Depending on your social circle, you probably have tons of friends with similar interests to each other, or you are like me and have many different friends, all of whom are completely different with different interests. Whichever circumstance fits your lifestyle, everyone comes into contact with many different people on a weekly basis and if you know a lot of great people who are single, why not think of the many ways to set up your friends? Everyone is searching for love at some point, so if you can help, why not make the search a heck of a lot easier by playing matchmaker between friends?!

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Blind Date

While some people despise these encounters, others simply thrive on them, so when brainstorming how to be a matchmaker between friends, definitely consider setting them up on a blind date. And make sure it’s completely blind! Do not show either party a picture of the other person and provide very vague physical descriptions. Blind dates put both people on the same playing field and they allow your friends to initially be interested in each other purely on character traits and qualities. If you have reservations about it, don’t think twice. If worse comes to worst, your friends will end up meeting someone completely new and different, and we all should be open to new things these days anyway.


Double Date

Sometimes I think of double dating as the easy way out because it can feel like four people hanging out and it eliminates a lot of anxiety from both parties. But nevertheless, if you know two friends who would be great for each other, setting up a double date is one of the classic ways to set up your friends. And if your friends seem like they are hitting it off, you and your significant other can always part company and leave them to themselves.


Have a Party

Maybe this idea can seem like you're completely inconveniencing yourself just to think of ways to set up your friends, but I have seen it done! I wouldn’t necessarily throw an entire party just to set up two of your friends, but if you have a birthday or graduation coming up anyway, why not throw a little get together and make sure to invite the set of friends you think would be perfect for each other? Also, don’t forget to go out of your way to introduce them and spark conversation. For example, you could say, “Oh hey Mary, you should meet my friend Tom, he also works in marketing. I’m sure you two have a lot in common.”


Throwing a party gives you the perfect backdrop for playing matchmaker in a casual, low-pressure atmosphere. Remember to create moments that encourage your friends to interact. You could organize games that require teamwork, ensuring your potential couple partners up. Or, during a toast, you might share a fun fact about each that piques the other's interest. Subtle nudges are key here—anything too obvious might make them feel on the spot. Above all, ensure your party is enjoyable for everyone, so even if sparks don’t fly, your friends will still have a fantastic time.


Make Sure They Purposely Run into Each Other

This idea might also seem like a bit much but it’s really not that hard or drastic. If you know one friend works at a certain store or in a certain area, bring the other friend along with you on a visit there and make sure they purposely run into each other. If one friend is significantly more interested than the other, you can always pre-plan it out with them regarding how and when you will bring their crush to a little rendezvous. I have to admit this is probably one of the more exciting and fun ways to set up your friends- for everyone involved!


Traditional Set-up

This one is pretty similar to the blind date idea except that it doesn’t have to be blind and perhaps both friends are already interested in each other, so you are just the go-between messenger. This is one of the most natural ways to set up your friends because it can occur via mutual requests and it’s almost like online dating, so your friends know exactly what they are getting into. Make sure they have dinner or coffee together and definitely check-in after to see how it went, but be careful not to get stuck in between them if it didn’t work out.


In the Traditional Set-up, it's essential to assess the compatibility of your friends ahead of time. Consider their interests and values—these are crucial for a spark to potentially ignite. When initiating the setup, create a relaxed environment, perhaps by bringing them together at a group event where the pressure is off, and they can naturally interact. Then, if things seem promising, encourage them to spend time alone. Communication is key; make sure to facilitate the exchange of their thoughts and feelings about taking the next step. Remember, your role is supportive, not directorial.


Plan a Vacation Together

Depending on how well this idea fits into your lifestyle, it could either be one of the best ways to set up your friends or one of the worst. When I say planning a vacation together, I mean planning something like a weekend fourth of July getaway to the Hamptons and inviting several friends- including the two that you want to set up. On the vacation, encourage your two friends to spend time together. That’s only if it doesn’t already naturally happen, considering vacation time is the best way to get to know the people you are with, given how much free time there is.


Leave Shortly after They Meet

This one is pretty self-descriptive, but if you are having trouble understanding, I will give you a short play by play. Basically, you plan a hang out between yourself and the two friends you want to set up, then you encourage conversation between them and help them if they get shy or lost for words. After, if you see it going well, you fake an emergency or say plans came up that you completely forgot about, and gracefully exit while the two of them spend the rest of the evening together in perfect harmony. And that, my friends, is one of the best ways to set up your friends!

Setting up your friends is a touchy subject for some people. Most of the time people just want to stay out of each other’s business to avoid jeopardizing their friendships. However, if it does work out, your friends will thank you for the rest of their lives for introducing them to their true love! So maybe trust your own judgment; if you have known two people for a long time and think they would be perfect for each other, give it a shot! If it doesn’t work out, the worst that can happen is they will form a new friendship. Have you ever successfully set up your friends? Have you yourself ever been set up by a mutual friend? Do you think it’s better than meeting a stranger online or randomly at a club? Please share your opinions!

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My friend wants to me to meet one of her boyfriend's good friends. She says we're both really funny and like the same music. Im nervous about how to act when we meet. Got any tips?

I want to set up to of my friends, they both know eachover rlly well and they both have a crush on the other. I have parents ppl up before but this time it is harder and I did it once and I had a big argument with one of my friends. Does anyone know a way around this

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